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Festival of the Rusty Pipe

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Many visitors from far away cities and countries pour into Bridgeport, including artists and traders, who try to make some bucks by performing or selling overpriced things. Even a circus has settled outside the city. There are about as many visitors in the city as there are regular inhabitants. All the inns and taverns are filled to the brim, even stable owners sell every square of their stables for the night. Many regular inhabitants moved in with relatives or friends, renting out their homes to visitors to earn some ridiculous money.


Festival of the
Rusty Pipe

Bridgeport City, spring 2865 PB

Hark, noble denizens of fair Bridgeport, and ye who inhabit the County of Bridgeport, a tale of grandeur and merriment dost unfold! The "Festival of the Rusty Pipe" doth make its triumphant return, an occurrence as rare as the comet's kiss in the night sky. Behold, this festivity graces our fair city only once in each fifty years, akin to the most precious of gems, hidden but momentarily revealed!   Prepare, prepare, to be enthralled, for within this splendid jubilee, wonders abound like stars in the firmament. Behold the grandeur of Cirque de Solani, their colored pavilions an emblem of enchantment itself. Gird your hearts for the spectacle of pig races—a sight to render both young and old breathless with mirth. Sharpen thy arrows and test thy skill in bow-shooting contests, where the marksmanship of the valiant shall resound in victorious glory.   Yet, fair compatriots, this is but a mere prelude to the banquet of diversions awaiting thee. Indulge thy senses in contests of eating and drinking, where jests and jollity dance hand in hand. Tune thine ears to the melodies spun by minstrels and musicians, as the very air is steeped in harmonious rapture. Witness the exultant spectacle of dance, a fervor that sets foot and heart alight.   Lo, let it be known that this celebration is a realm of artisans, a haven of creativity and skilled artistry. Immerse thyself in storytelling, as tales of yore weave through the air like wisps of enchantment. Behold the handiwork of craftsmen, painters, and sculptors alike, their creations an embodiment of ingenuity that dost cast a spell upon the senses.   This weeklong fête, an ephemeral reverie, dost beckon with the allure of an alchemist's promise—transmuting the mundane into the magical. Rejoice, for the Festival of the Rusty Pipe dost herald its arrival, inviting one and all to partake in a pageantry of splendid merriment. Verily, seize this opportunity to revel in a realm where the extraordinary dwells amongst us, encapsulated in a span of days as brief as a lover's kiss.   -- Town Cryer
Festival committee:   During the whole event many things are happening:

City Run

For the city-run contestants get a card they need to get stamped at several points in the city. First one to cross the finish line with a card with all marks checked wins the race.  

Gnome Workshop Fireworks

The festival will finish with fantastic fireworks created by the Gnome Workshop.  

Grand Parade

On the first day of the festival, a big parade crosses the city, including two dozen floats, carrying scenes that ridicule events that happened or people that made fools of themselves recently.  
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Masked Ball

An event for the upper classes and nobility at the Villa Cadenza. Participants ballroom dance while wearing highly concealing masks and costumes. Because everyone’s identities are ostensibly hidden, participants are expected to cut loose. Statements challenging authority, outrageous clothing, lascivious dancing, public displays of affection, impoliteness, crude jokes, and open gossip are also permitted. Many champions of silenced and oppressed factions voiced their first manifestos here. The masked ball is a can’t-miss for anyone investigating aristocratic allegiances and doings, social climbers seeking courtly influence, and underworld rogues looking for high-level protection and buyers.  
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Play at the Opera House

The Guild of Actors and Entertainers is performing a play in the Opera House each day, called "The Comedy of Horrors".  


Archery Contest
The famous archer Harrison Acton from Olena Ora will be judging the contestants, who can compete in separate competitions for each distance of 30, 50, and 100m.   Drinking Contest
Seven taverns have a drinking contest together. You start at the first one, have a drink and move on to the next, have a drink... the first person having all seven drinks and then proclaiming loudly "I drank it all and yet I stand!" wins the contest. The taverns and their order in the contest are:     Fishing Contest
The winner is who gets out the weirdest looking fish, rated by a jury. The contest happens on the 3rd day of the event, starting at sunrise, ending at noon.   Strong Individual Contest
That contest was first named Strong Men contest, but several members of the festival team objected, and after two hours of debating the contest got the new name. The contest includes the following disciplines:
  • Trunk Pulling - pull a tree trunk from the city gate to the marketplace (the trunks will be used in the Woodcarving Contest)
  • Caber Toss - lift a log and throw it as far as you can
  The contest is being judged by Brumurum Honorbrow, owner of the Kobold Fight Club.   Three Dragon Ante Contest
On The Artigo a Three Dragon Ante card game competition will happen, starting on day one and finals on the last day of the festival.   Woodcarving Contest
Contestants need to carve something for the given theme. The theme is being revealed right before the contest starts. Duration: 4 hours.  
Day Start Time End Time Event Location
1 noon - Grand Parade start: east gate
end: marketplace
2 noon midnight City Run start and end
at marketplace
3 sunrise noon Fishing Contest harbour
5 noon - Archery Contest marketplace
6 noon afternoon Strong Individual Contest marketplace
6 afternoon sunset Woodcarving Contest marketplace
7 sunset sunrise Masquerade Ball Villa Cadenza
7 midnight - Gnome Workshop Fireworks castle walls
Day Start Time End Time Daily Event Location
daily sunset midnight Drinking Contest start: The Tricky Page
end: Hyena Club
daily sunset midnight The Comedy of Horrors House of Arts


This festival happens only once every 50 (sic!) years. No one, even the elder ones, can't remember the cause of this celebration, and no one can remember what happened during the previous celebration. Everything that is being prepared is taken from apparently really old documents.

The origin of the festival name also has been lost. Some people with a dirty mind just chuckle, others think it has something to do with the bent metal pipe that sticks out of a big square block of stone in the centre of the central marketplace of Bridgeport. No one knows what this pipe is good for, it has always been there.

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