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Cirque de Solani

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The travelling circus spends the whole year in Farenia, performing in all of the country's major cities, as well as some of the smaller towns and villages and even a few of the region's more remote hamlets. During the course of their voyage, they are compiling all of the information and rumours that they can find and putting it into various forms of performance, including songs, short skits, and dramas. It is usual practise to make fun of notable people, such as the current king or queen, the local nobility or the mayor, or even simply anybody who has attained some kind of recognition due to some action or circumstance.   Those who hold positions of power are less likely to enjoy going to the circus as much as the typical person does. Average individuals love going to the circus the most. The people who work for the travelling circus are not welcomed by the authorities because there appears to be evidence that strange things happen every time the circus is nearby, such as people going missing, items being stolen, and disturbing incidents taking place.
Scene: city gates of Bridgeport
Baine J Uckley in front, with the arms in the air,
holding a cane and a tophat.
Mimi and Tibbi Tweezy following on stilts,
playing a small drum and a trumpet.
Alfredo the Strongman at the end,
carrying two women in skimpy clothing on his shoulders.
  Baine J Uckley, shouting:
"Ladies and gentlemen, young and old,
lads and girls of every age!
Attend an event at the circus.
Enjoy the tunes of the Tweezy Sisters
and have a good chuckle
about Baine B. Ugly, the clown!
Watch in awe as the acrobats take dangerous jumps and let the performers wow you with all they can accomplish... (whispers: "Night show only!")

  Visit Cirque de Solani!
Only for a fortnight and two pence per ticket,
and four pence at night."
  exeunt omnes
Cirque de Solani
  Lately the circus added a night program for adults, with horror plays, lewd dancing, and more.  

Cirque de Solani - Programme

Tiziana, the Bearded Lady
The Tweezy Sisters
Alfredo, the Strong Man
Flip & Flop and their White Tigers
Dundelia, the Serpent Woman
Rocco, Magicker Extraordinaire

Leave your kids at home, please.


Baine is the official leader of the troupe. He's has the hand on the money and is announcing the circus before it arrives at a location, and he is also making an appearance as a clown named Bain B Ugly.   Other members of the circus are:  
  • Alfredo - the Strongman
  • Tiziana - selling tickets while wearing a fake beard, performer in the late night show
  • Elsbeth - selling sweets and popcorn, performer in the late night show
  • Dundelia - the Snakewoman
  • Mimi and Tibbi, The Tweezy Sisters - acrobats, musicians and performers in the late night show
  • Flip & Flop and their White Tigers
  • Rocco - Magicker Extraordinaire
  • Vespa - Rocco's assistant, fortune teller, performer in the late night show

Public Agenda

This is GM information
Little do the visitors to the matinee know that nestled among the clowns, acrobats, and jugglers is a group of girls who promise to bring a whole new level of excitement to the show. They go by the name 'The Sirens', and they offer an incredibly spicy and sexy nighttime programme for adult visitors of the circus.   Each night on their performance stage, The Sirens put on sensual performances filled with tantalising music, sultry dance moves, daring stunts, and suggestive dialogue - all guaranteed to leave even the most reserved audience members hot under the collar. These ladies take saucy burlesque to another level; each act is packed full of energy and passion as every girl strives to outdo her fellow performers in terms of sex appeal.   But it isn't only their seductive artistry that sets them apart from other acts at the circus; these ladies also have a mischievous sense of humor, which can be seen through some truly outrageous costumes (think feathers, fishnets, and sequins). This cheeky quality keeps audiences coming back for more each night, eager to see what kind of surprises await them next.


The circus is home to a number of animals as well as seven waggons. The unicorn is unmistakably a white horse that has a horn that has been attached to its head with a strap. It is likely that the other marvellous creatures are not as wondrous as they are made up to be. However, this is sufficient to deceive the young ones. Those few individuals who are able to see through the ruse are plied with sweets in an effort to silence them.  
Cirque de Solani

"The show must go boom!"


Entertainment, Troupe
Flip & Flop and their White Tigers

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