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Tibbi is a female gnome who works for the Cirque de Solani, travelling through Farenia. She and her sister Mimi are both performers in their circus’ spicy late-night show. Her eyes twinkle mischievously as if there's always something up this tiny girl's sleeve. She knows how to play many instruments such as drums, flutes, lutes, and harpsichords, which add a lot more variety to their performances than just singing or dancing alone would provide. Due to her small size, Tibbi's agility allows for some spectacular acrobatics during their showtime numbers that really wow audiences every night.   When Tibbi takes centre stage during performances of Cirque de Solani, audiences can't help but be enchanted by this little creature - not just because of how adorable she looks but also because of what an incredible performer she is: singing powerful love songs alongside Mimi or dancing flamboyantly around the ring like no one else could ever dream of doing so gracefully. She loves being able to make people laugh (or cry) when they watch them perform together; it brings true joy into everyone watching’s lives.  
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As part of their act on stage or even while walking between tents offstage afterwards hand-in-hand, Mimi and Tibbi always exchange glances full of understanding, which only sisters can share despite all odds. They know each other inside out after spending many years living life under canvas together; knowing exactly when either needs support without having said anything aloud yet still providing comfort where necessary. This bond shared among family members will never break nor fade away throughout time.   Tibbi is an expert pickpocket who can steal items without anyone noticing. She often uses this skill to secretly help out those in need while they're watching one of Cirque de Solani's shows, moving inconspicuous things from rich pockets into poor pockets.   Late-Night Show: Tibbi and Mimi have been captivating audiences with their unique performances. Through a combination of acrobatics, daring stunts, comedy skits, and plenty of sensuality, they bring to life an unforgettable experience for adults only. Their signature act is based around music, where Tibbi plays her lute while dancing on top of Mimi’s shoulders as she spins in circles atop a tall pole – all without ever missing a beat. They also perform acts involving fire, such as juggling torches or carrying each other through burning hoops; often times, they wear little more than corsets made from strategically placed flames that leave nothing to the imagination. The audience can expect some racy banter between them during these routines, which adds another layer to this already sizzling performance. All in all, it makes for one wild night any circusgoer won't soon forget.
The map of Bridgeport, a harbour city located in the south of Farenia, showcases a maritime center characterized by vibrant activity and bustling trade. Unlike other cities in Farenia, Bridgeport's harbour opens onto a different sea, setting it apart and granting it a unique status. To bolster its connectivity and reinforce its importance in regional trade, the ambitious Bridgeport Channel project is underway. Not everyone is pleased with the construction of the new channel, leading to a surge in violent resistance...  
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