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Gnomes share many similarities with humans but are notably smaller, standing at a height of just 3 to 4 feet tall. Their compact stature is complemented by a delicate frame, with their weight typically ranging between 20 to 30 kilograms. One of their most distinctive features is their ears; while many have rounded ears similar to humans, a significant number possess pointy, almost elfin ears, adding to their unique charm.   Their size and weight make them incredibly agile and quick on their feet, traits that serve them well in both everyday tasks and more adventurous endeavors. Despite their diminutive size, gnomes are known for their robust health and surprising strength, often engaging in physically demanding activities with ease. Their small size also enables them to navigate spaces that would be challenging for larger beings, a trait that is particularly useful in their intricate underground dwellings and bustling workshops.   Gnomes typically have lively and expressive faces, with eyes that reflect their curious nature and an ever-present hint of mischief. Their skin tones range from fair to tanned, often with a rosy hue that speaks of their love for outdoor activities and vibrant lifestyles. Their hair, which comes in a variety of colors from earthy browns and reds to striking shades of blue and green, is usually kept short and practical, though some prefer to let it grow into elaborate styles adorned with small trinkets and beads.   In terms of attire, gnomes favor practical, durable clothing that allows for easy movement, often accessorized with utility belts and pockets filled with tools and gadgets. Their footwear is sturdy yet comfortable, designed to withstand the rigors of their active lives. However, despite the practicality, gnome fashion also incorporates a sense of whimsy and color, with many choosing to wear bright hues and intricate patterns that reflect their vibrant personalities.

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