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Royal Airship Company of Farenia

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Ticket Royal Airship Company
  Mostly wealthy people, officials and members of the royal families use the services of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia, which connects the major cities of the Farenian Empire, the Technocracy of Magramine and the Kingdom of Lymyra with airships, making each of those cities reachable within a week. Travelling by Airship is the least dangerous way of travelling at the current time, but also the most expensive. This also applies to mail. Ground delivery takes a long time but is pretty cheap. Airship delivery (at least to the next major city close to the destination) reduces the delivery time immensely but is costly.


Company staff:
Location Personnel Description
Airship Crew (x3) 3x2 additionally 2 guards of the Farenian Empire each
Bridgeport 4 ticket sale, counselling, luggage/wares transport
Perelline 4 ticket sale, counselling, luggage/wares transport
Queenshaven 16 administration, bookkeeping, ticket sale, counselling,
luggage/wares transport, miniature manufacturing
Olena Ora 6 ticket sale, counselling, luggage/wares transport
Grimsa 4 ticket sale, counselling, luggage/wares transport
Kidim 4 ticket sale, counselling, luggage/wares transport
Skulk 6 ticket sale, counselling, luggage/wares transport
Tarn 4 ticket sale, counselling, luggage/wares transport
  Marius J. Blight is head of the company.

Public Agenda

The company offers transport services for single passengers, groups or small amounts of goods and also the delivery of letters. The personnel in Queenshaven has a small shop that sells carved airships in different materials and sizes, all handcrafted by a separate team inside the company: "A nice present for young and old. Everyone should have one!"  

Royal Airship Company of Farenia

Stop Stay
Queenshaven (Farenia) 2 days
Bridgeport (Farenia) 6 hours
Olena Ora (Lymyra) 1 day
Tarn (Magramar) 6 hours
Skulk (Magramar) 2 days
Kidim (Magramar) 6 hours
Grimsa (Magramar) 6 hours
Perelline (Farenia) 6 hours
Service Cost
Transportation of one person or medium animal, per mile 1g
Transportation of wares per 50 pounds, per mile (overall capacity 5 tons) 1s
Transportation of one letter, one-time fee 1g

Note I: There will be a customs check and a search for illegal imports at the first stop in each country.
Note II: No dangerous animals allowed outside secured transport containers.
Note III: Travellers with both alcohol and monkeys in their luggage are not welcome. Also no bananas.
Note IV: Sleepwalkers must point out their special illness before boarding the ship.
Note V: No vampires or banshees, thank you.

Limited room for passengers and wares, book early!


Three Airships have been constructed so far, two of them are travelling the route permanently, with a different length of stay at every stop. One of the ships is circling clockwise, the other one counterclockwise. All ships are powered by Aeum.   The third airship is painted all white with golden and blue ornaments and is being used exclusively for urgent diplomatic missions and by Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia, which sometimes causes some conflicts. Those are usually resolved soon with Queen Eleanor being the Queen. The ship is named Queen Eleanor, some also call it Airship One.  
Location of the company in Queenshaven
  GM info / spoilers.


  • Airship Queen Eleanor
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