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Airship Queen Eleanor

Work in progress!
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Slightly NSFW!
Ship map made with DungeonFog and additional assets by Tom Cartos.
"Look up there! The ship of the queen!"   "Oooh, it's so elegant. She must be on an important mission!"
  The airship Queen Eleanor is the flagship of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia with its main "harbour" in Queenshaven. It is exclusively used by Queen Eleanor Rani and by ambassadors dispatched on urgent missions and is not available to the general public. Captain of the Queen Eleanor is Titus O'Menzie, who is ably supported by Helena Naway and four airship crew.  
Airship Queen Eleanor


Three years before the first flying ship was delivered to the Royal Airship Company, members of the Gnome Workshop presented the Queen with a prototype. In that time, the gnomes have constructed five complete airships as well as a large number of engines, all of which have either blown up or been destroyed by malfunction. The sixth ship had completed construction, including two operational engines, was thoroughly tested and finally delivered as the first of three ordered ships. It was followed by a second ship that was an exact replica of the first, and then a third ship that was 30 percent larger, which arrived another six months later. The last of the three became the flagship "Queen Eleanor," which was painted in the Queen's official colours of white, light blue, and gold to symbolise her majesty.  


2858 / 03 Presentation of the first airship prototype to Queen Eleanor.
2858-2860Construction of four more prototypes, all of them blow up... or vanish.
2861Founding of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia.
Delivery of the first two functional airships.
2861 / 10The Royal Airship Company connects the main cities of the Western Continent with airship routes.
2862 / 04Delivery of of the largest airship, which is becoming Queen Eleanor's personal airship.
2862 / 05Titus and Helena get assigned to the flagship.
2862 / 07Queen Eleanor visits Olena Ora and Skulk by airship.
2865 / 02Gnome Workshop engineers upgrade the Aeum engines of the flagship. A gnome disappeared during that, he is still missing.
2865 / 04Ambassador Claudius Stoneaxe vanishes from the airship, Empire officials start an investigation (see plot hooks).

The Queen's Chambers



Power Generation

Its two Aeum engines, which are situated in protected compartments at the bow and stern of the cargo deck, provide power for the airship's propulsion. The chambers contain a huge entry door in the centre, as well as minor access hatches a few feet away on either side in case the main door is closed or covered by something else. Everything for the gnomes revolves on security!  
The large engines are positioned in the centre of the rooms, with sparks flying and lightning crackling between them and the conductors as they interact. In the event of a failure, the tiny entrance hatches in the cargo area wall can be utilised as emergency exit hatches. Because the gnomes place a high value on security!  
The machines are equipped with a control panel that includes a large two-armed lever for turning them on and off, a lever for adjusting the power level, and a "do not press" button. There is another lever on the quarter deck, next to the ship's wheel, that also regulates the power level, allowing the captain to manage the ship appropriately.
  Note 1: the "do not push" button has been added as additional layer of protection by the Gnome Workshop. When the button is pressed repeatedly, a floor door opens, allowing the engine to be removed from the spacecraft. You are already aware of this fact: security is paramount for the gnomes!   Note 2: After ejecting one engine, the airship will not be able to maintain its vertical posture and will begin to fall gently to the earth's surface. Depending on the present height of the ship, the crew may have enough time to guide the ship to a flat place where they may make a safe landing. Alternatively, if there is water beneath the ship, it may simply dive into it and then float like a conventional ship; the side doors on the cargo deck are sufficiently secure to prevent water from entering the ship.

Weapons & Armament

The airship is armed with two catapults, which can shoot harpoons up to 90 feet, or 60 feet when a rope is attached.

Plot Hooks

Falling like the stars - During a short mission to Skulk with a Farenian ambassador on board, said ambassador dropped off the airship into certain death. No corpse could be found, though. Due to the vanishing passenger, Titus as the captain of the airship is in trouble now, as an official investigation is underway. What happened? Was it an accident? Assassination? If the latter, who is the culprit? The dwarves because of some quarrel with Titus in the past? An overambitious competitor of the ambassador?   Lost - On closer inspection, the outlines of a gnome can be seen in the flickering lights of the stern Aeum engine. What happened here, who might this be? Someone needs to investigate and maybe rescue!   All the things - Reddit airship encounters, plot hooks and interesting landmarks, Table 1 and Table 2.
Ship Owner
Captain's Assistant
Airship One
Owning Organization
draft: 14ft
25 miles / hour
Complement / Crew
8 crew + 16 guards
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
the queen, 6 passengers, 10t of cargo


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9 Sep, 2021 20:08

The only thing that i noticed is that 4 crew and 5 guards plus a passenger seems a bit small to me personally. That puts the crew on two 12 hour shifts of 2 people, which would be rough on longer voyages. awesome map and great idea for a ship. (i appreciated the "do not touch" button and what it does.)

11 Sep, 2021 09:24

You are right, the ship in it's current setup is not capable of doing longer voyages. I'll either upgrade it or it will just get replaced by a newer and larger flagship with a larger crew in the future. :)

20 Sep, 2021 18:32

Fixed. I added another deck.

Sage nnie
Annie Stein
10 Sep, 2021 09:44

Security is everything! I really appreciate how well marked the map is on each of the layers, and I'd hope to learn more about her history and any events aboard her. ^^

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11 Sep, 2021 03:20

That is SO very cool man!

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It's even cooler now. ;-D

12 Sep, 2021 21:00

'Note: the "do not press" button is another security feature added by Gnome Workshop. When you press it rapidly, a floor hatch opens to release the engine from the ship. You know it already: security is everything for the gnomes!' Sounds like you should heed the sign, lol.   I love that you've made the history of the ship as a timeline.

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12 Sep, 2021 23:50

I love the design of this ship! Great article.

13 Sep, 2021 06:23

Thank you! :)

13 Sep, 2021 19:21

Really loving the map, especially the engine rooms look pretty cool! Of course I am already extra fond of it since it is an airship ^^ Great work on the different layers as well.   How long can the ship actually still fly if one engine needs to be dropped with the "do not press" button?

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Good question, might have to add something about that. :D

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Ah I see that you added a section about it :)

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19 Sep, 2021 08:23

That's a nice flying ship, although I expected the crew to be bigger, especially if the queen's on board. Nice map and the idea is cool. I like it !

21 Sep, 2021 15:11

Fixed it by adding a deck that was already planned!

20 Sep, 2021 00:01

OH MY GOODNESS!!! TILL---this is AMAZING!!! Y ou know how I love "pretty" things, well this article is beaUTIFUL. *LIKE*

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Thanks so much! :) Added another deck and a new image for the queen!

1 Oct, 2021 08:01

Such details, I love it. The Airship map is fantastic. Queenshaven and the art are wonderful. The layout is inviting and warm. Really enjoy this.

6 Oct, 2021 06:56

I love the art, but I have a few points to make:   1) Your entire construction paragraph is hard to read and follow. This sentence for example: "The gnomes have built five full airships in that time and a whole array of engines ... of those blew up or got destroyed somehow by malfunction." Do you mean that 'all' of those blew up or got destroyed?   2) Why would anyone trust Gnomes in this universe to build anything if 80%+ of their prototypes fail and they put buttons on their airships that drop the engines and kill everyone onboard? Also, how does dropping the engine have anything to do with security? Is it a safety feature, like in case the engine fails? If so, that should be emphasized more.   3) Why was an investigation opening into the ambassador's disappearance but not the gnome? Are Gnomes expendable in this universe?

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1. Thanks, I will rephrase it. :) 2. and 3. Good question. :-o I may have to write something about both.

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8 Oct, 2021 18:10

Nice article, with lots of lovely illustrations! I love that you've included the callouts in the map! Even after reading so much about ships, I'm barely starting to remember them XD   That "do not press" button does not inspire me with confidence...   Did the queen knows what happened with the prototypes? I'm impressed she still went on and got herself one ship given the risks... XD Especially with that gnome who later went on missing, did no one thought it was a sign of another trouble? Or does the queen wanted her ship so much she did not care about the risk? XD

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5 Dec, 2021 20:47

I love the entire world!!! How did you design your pages?

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It's the Elven theme with additional CSS ontop. :)

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It is very cool!!

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