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Aeum is a catalysator for magical energy. It is used to focus and direct magic to a target, but it also shows gravitation changing effects when combined with other rare materials, which allows its use in drives of air ships.  
An airship of 20 tons requires an Aeum drive of at least 40 pounds, which requires a user's attunement. To attune to the drive, a person needs about 20 days. The Royal Airship Company of Farenia constantly rotates pilots to make sure there are pilots available for any ship at any time.


Material Characteristics

It is a bluish, pretty hard metal embedded in white stone that needs to get broken down and heated to extract pure Aeon.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Aeum is glowing faintly in a blue colour when in an (almost) pure state and feels cold to the touch. It's very heat resistant, you need a good furnace to reach the temperatures required to melt it. Or a dragon.

Geology & Geography

Aeum can be found in the numerous impact craters of Alana, which are said to be remnants of the Titan Wars. In fact, the craters are impact sites of a group of small asteroids hitting Alana almost 3,000 years ago.  

Life & Expiration

Once extracted from the stone and melted into shape, Aeum starts to glow in a faint, blue light.


Note: Aeum is the same material as the "Mithril" mentioned in Sable Aradia's Toy Soldier Saga:
Material | Sep 19, 2021

Mithril is a surprisingly lightweight, silver-blue metal that is essential to a variety of technologies, the most important of which is Starfaring Engines.

Metallic, with a faint hint of something like burnt steak
Metallic, but like with silver, adding a tiny bit of mithril to water increases its fresh taste
Melting / Freezing Point
961.8 °C | 1763.24 °F
Common State
Solid metal

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