Titus O'Menzie

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"Why is this still lying around here?"   "I think this rope is not tied correctly. Untie it and try again!"
  Titus is a grumpy old dwarf and captain of the flagship Queen Eleanor of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia, commanding around his assistant Helena Naway while standing on deck and watching her every step for any mistake she might make.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Titus grew up with his family in Queenshaven and joined the army at the age of 55, when men and women where needed to fill up the thinning ranks.


He has been member of the Farenian Army for many years until he got offered the position as airship captain, making him an expert in fighting with all kind of weapons on ground and in the air.


For three years now he is captain of the airship Queen Eleanor, assisted by Helena Naway.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Quite often, when the airship is having its halt in Bridgeport, William Datlong is already waiting for Titus. They have a short chat, and then Titus hands over a small package or two.   GM info / spoilers.



In less busy moments of the day, Titus is smoking a wooden pipe, carefully cleaning and carefully stuffing it with strong and fruity tobacco, which he pulls in small bits from a shiny leather pouch attached to his belt.   He is talking to Helena in a grumpy tone and corrects her, even if she is doing things right.   During travels he lets Helena talk to passengers to hide that he is not a good talker and cannot speak any languages besides Dwarvish and Farenian.


Titus has a strong dwarvish accent and a loud voice, the latter probably a habit that stuck with him from his time in the army.

Plot Hooks

To gain his trust, the party may have to do him some favours, which is not easy, as he is not talking a lot outside of business. Helena might be helpful here.

The Rusty Piper - Titus' favourite tobacco vanished. He can't find anyone who is still selling it. Traces will lead to a plantation south of Tarn. The tobacco's taste there was special because it was watered from a nearby spring. Water spirits turned the water unpalatable when the dwarves drew too much water from the spring. Some negotiation between the dwarves and the spirits is required.    
The 23rd - Titus is pacing up and down the ship when not busy, looking concerned. Turns out he got a message that some of his former comrades from the 23rd regiment got into trouble and he wants to help them. Background (Titus doesn't know about this yet): six of his comrades are killing people in a village... that's what the rumour says... the fact is: those six people are defending a village from a notorious band of robbers, Titus would be the 7th ('samurai'). Titus would never abandon his position while serving for the Queen, but he also would never not help his comrades. The village is just four hours away.
  5e GM info / spoilers.   Conan GM info / spoilers.   GM info / spoilers.  
male dwarf
4'9, 140lbs, brown eyes, curly red hair, pale skin
lawful good
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
2560 PB 305 Years old
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Farenian, Dwarvish

Cover image: Titus by Martina G. (Commission)
Character Portrait image: Titus by Martina G. (Commission)


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