Helena Naway

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"The elves in Olena Ora won't just say yes. There will be a lot of haggling for concessions."
  Helena is the newest employee of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia and the first female crew member on an airship. Currently, Titus O'Menzie and Helena Naway are piloting the airship Queen Eleanor, which is reserved for travels of the Queen and her personal guards.   Due to her knowledge about the customs and history of the neighbour kingdoms and the species living there, Helena was the perfect choice for the position as the Captain's Assistant, in which role she has to welcome passengers, answer their questions and handle their problems. During the current voyages, she helps the Queen to prepare when it comes to protocol during negotiations.   GM info / spoilers.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a teenager, Helena has already visited Magramine, Lymyra, Shirki and Han and can speak and also write the languages of these regions. She has experienced the KI Poppers of Han and is an avid fan of the Mei Maiji Dudes.


She has a deep knowledge of the etiquette and the most important history of all countries on the western continent as well as of Shirki and Han. Each time you think you found a blank spot in her knowledge, she comes up with some more amazing details.   Helena has learned how to use the catapults on board Queen Eleanor. They have a "Gnome Workshop Easy Loading System" equipped that allows even weak people like Helena to load them properly.


She is captain Titus O'Menzie's assistant on board the airship Queen Eleanor.

Failures & Embarrassments

While perfectly calm and controlled with any passengers or customers who might ask about airship related things like departure times or tickets, she gets rather annoyed quite quick when something isn't going along with her wishes or when someone criticizes her. She then stands still, eyes closed, arms on her sides and stomps the ground with one boot while exhaling a moan or a long stretched "Gnnnngh!"

Plot Hooks

My life for Boibel! - Titus' birthday is happening soon, and all he wants is to eat a piece of Boibel Cake with whipped cream. This is nothing he is telling anyone, but Helena overheard it when Titus had vivid dreams of eating Boibel Cake. She wants to surprise him with a whole cake. The problem: Boibel are always hard to get, and it is not even the season for Boibel!   Handle with care - Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia plans to employ Helena as her personal assistant, but before that is happening she wants Helena to collect some more experience "out in the field" by accompanying some world travellers: our party!  
Hare with candle - Helena's writing light got stolen! It is a sitting, wooden hare holding a candle in its paws. She knows it happened in Queenshaven, and it was a kid. Helena does not want any harm to come to the kid, she just wants her light back. This task may become complicated as the item was first stolen, then bullied away and then traded several times.
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female human
5'6, 120 lbs, blue eyes, black hair, pale skin
chaotic good
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
2840 PB 25 Years old
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Gnnnngh!" footstomp
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Dwarvish, Elvish, Farenian, Han, Shirki

Cover image: Helena by Martina G. (Commission)
Character Portrait image: Helena by Martina G. (Commission)


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