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Ki Poppers

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It all started with a handful of young monks who concluded that they prefer to make music rather than sit in silence and meditate. So they left their cloister and formed a band. Instead of abandoning what they learned, they let it influence and be part of their music, mixing traditional sounds with more modern tunes and addressing religious topics as well as the problems of young people. They named themselves "Meo Maiji Dudes" and travelled around to show their newfound art to others.   Young people, especially girls, quickly found interest in Meo Maiji. They learn the lyrics, sing along with their idols and also dress like them.  
"What happens if music touches your soul? It makes your KI pop!"
  • KI Pop enthusiast
  •   The Meo Maiji Dudes picked up this quote from one of their fans, establishing "KI Pop" as the name of this new lifestyle.  
    Soon other groups followed with odd names like Papapoo, Miracle Boys or Green-Eyed Ladies. Each of them has its distinct fan group, but there are many youngsters who just idolize all of them.   Handwritten copies of their lyrics are a well sought good, they are traded or bought for always rising prices. Even youngsters outside of Han have found pleasure in them, and KI Poppers trade originals or translated versions of the lyrics for silly things they found exist in other countries.


    Common Customs, traditions and rituals

    The KI Poppers like singing along with their favourite bands and artists. According to rumour, following a Meo Maiji Dudes concert in Ojiro, the singing and chanting continued for another twelve hours despite the fact that the band had long since gone. Local authorities attempted to put a stop to the gathering, but the singing juveniles scattered around the whole city, engaging in spontaneous dance-ins to their favourite melodies on every public square.


    Beauty Ideals

    A smooth and even face is of high importance for KI Poppers, any blemish gets hidden under a layer of powder or whatever they can afford to make their face look clean.

    Gender Ideals

    Gender is of no importance and a floating state for Ki Poppers when it comes to appearance and behaviour.
    SC2021: An ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after
    A world full of wonders.
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    Plot Hooks

    Lost - Jen-Hi has not been seen after her last concert and her fans are worried about her. Someone has to find out what happened.

      Thank you for the music - A KI Popper got a ripped part of lyrics that stuck to the back of another sheet of paper. She does not have those lyrics yet and also thinks they are part of a yet unpublished song by the Meo Maiji Dudes. She is looking for someone to find the full lyrics.  
    Odyssey - Sonyeon needs inspiration and is looking for a unique place or experience. He is looking for a group to guard him against his fans, protect him while travelling and help him to get to the places he wants to visit.
    Love of my life - Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia wants to meet Papapoo, or rather: Hung of Papapoo. Someone needs to fetch the group so they can play for the queen.


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