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Phex is the goddess of darkness, death, fire, and stasis. Her name derives from the Old Farenian root word pheks, which means "darkness" or "black".  She is seen as a powerful yet mysterious deity who holds dominion over many different realms, including death and the afterlife. One myth states that she created a mountain out of bones during her time spent in the underworld. This mountain became known as Mount Choron, where souls were said to suffer for eternity after death.  
As well as being linked with darkness, Phex also has control over fate and destiny; it is said that she can foresee future events before they happen. In other myths, it was claimed that no one could escape their fate once it had been decreed by Phex – even gods were subject to her power when deciding upon mortal destinies. It has also been suggested that she may have been involved in magical rituals related to divination and astrology due to her knowledge of past events and ability to manipulate outcomes through prophecy or augury.   Lastly, Phex is seen as a symbol of both stasis (immutability) and change (transformation). By controlling both aspects, she ensures life's cycle remains balanced at all times. Nothing ever stays the same forever, but there must always be equilibrium between opposing forces for harmony within creation itself to exist.   She has a presence in the Temple of the Five.  
Temple of Phex
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Phex is walking amongst the mortals in disguise; currently she is visiting Queenshaven, the capital of the Farenian Empire.
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Divine Classification
The Old Gods

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