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Ymon is the god of chaos, disorder, illusion, and luck. He is a wild and unpredictable character who loves to stir things up in both the physical and spiritual realms. Ymon's primary goals are to shake things up and introduce randomness into life so that it can never become too boring or stagnant.   He is often seen as an agent of change, a reminder that there are no certainties in life other than those we create for ourselves through our choices. Ymon encourages us to take risks, embrace uncertainty, and always be open to new possibilities. In his chaotic way, he helps us stay creative by constantly introducing fresh ideas into our lives.   As with most gods associated with chaos, Ymon has some dark qualities too: he revels in destruction, bringing about disaster where necessary if it means shaking things up even more. His unpredictability can sometimes lead him astray from his intended purpose, which makes him dangerous at times but ultimately helps keep balance within nature‚Äôs cycle of order and chaos.   Despite his chaotic tendencies, however, Ymon also acts as an important guardian spirit for travelers, watching over them during their journeys no matter how difficult they may be and reminding them that nothing lasts forever, not even bad luck.   He has a presence in the Temple of the Five.  
Temple of Ymon by Tillerz using MidJourney
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Ymon is walking amongst the mortals in disguise; currently he is visiting Bridgeport County as the curious young boy named Ymos.
Ymos by Tillerz using MidJourney

Holy Books & Codes

"One thousand and one lies"
Divine Classification
The Old Gods

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