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Senestra is the goddess of dreams, love, movement, spirit, and water. Currently she is visiting Alana in human disguise. Some decades ago she bought a house in the better parts of Queenshaven, where she now resides under the noble name Jolene Glanzburn and is having a close eye at what Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia is doing, always ready to weave "ideas" into Eleanor's dreams.   She is not missing out on any party, masked ball, or other celebration. Senestra may be found anywhere where is merriment in the form of song, dancing, and wine. She has gotten a lot of attention from both sexes, but she alwas has┬árejected their approaches.   Senestra's appreciation for aesthetics and creativity is shown in her extensive art collection. Her collection includes paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art that are not only beautiful to look at but also possess potent magical properties. She has carefully selected each item to represent a unique facet of her personality and range of interests and experiences.   Her paintings are some of the showpieces in her collection. Amazing in their complexity and intricacy, these masterpieces dazzle with eye-popping hues and striking depictions. Senestra's travels are the inspiration for many of these works, which celebrate the variety of landscapes and peoples she encountered.   Senestra also has an excellent collection of sculptures. There is a wide variety of styles and scales represented here, from little, complex works that appear to come to life when illuminated to gigantic, intimidating sculptures that take up whole walls. Individually gorgeous, they come together to form a breathtaking scene that embodies Senestra's passion for art and her admiration of the splendour of nature.   She also has a one-of-a-kind assortment of enchanted mirrors. These mirrors are pieces of beauty in and of themselves, but they also have tremendous magical qualities that enable their owners to look into other worlds and connect with entities from other planes of existence.   She may distribute those with magical qualities (temporarily) to those she employs to carry out her errands. She will also steer love in the right direction, maybe for a couple who can not find happiness together.  
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Senestra by Tillerz using MidJourney
  • She holds one of the keystones that keep the Titans banished, it's hidden in her art collection.
  • Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia receives suggestions from Senestra in her dreams, and Senestra may possibly have sway over the party's dreams, too.
  • Queen Eleanor could grant the party certain goods if they are in high enough standing with her (through Eleanor or a third party).
  • Senestra is walking amongst the mortals in disguise; currently she is visiting Queenshaven, the capital of the Farenian Empire under the name Jolene.

Holy Books & Codes

Kama Senestra - the book of love

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Senestra by Tillerz using MidJourney
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The Old Gods

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