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Alana is a world full of wonder and diversity. Boresia, Qail, Kundi, and the Northern Regions are the four primary areas of Alana. Each of these areas is inhibited by species with different cultures, values, and challenges. And then there is Mag Mell, the realm of the fae ...


Western Continent of Boresia

  Boresia is the technically most advanced continent, with magical airships, steam-powered trains, and magical items with general use purposes (eg lights) for everyone available who can afford them. The feudal human Farenian Empire is led by Queen Eleanor Rani of Farenia from the capital city Queenshaven ; the nature-loving elvish Kingdom of Lymyra is ruled by Queen Yathanae from the capital city Olena Ora; and the industrial Technocracy of Magramine is governed by a dwarven alliance from the capital city Skulk. Its population consists mostly of dwarves and Titanforged constructs, but the dwarves do not treat the Titanforged with respect; something is cooking up there in secret.  
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  There have been three wars in this area, mostly caused by the dwarves, trying to expand their region, sending out their constructs (which weren't sentient back then, yet). The treaty of The Council of Olena Ora was signed to secure piece. But the paper was signed with blood, as the ruler of the Farenian Empire was assassinated during the Council, causing the quick appointment of his daughter Eleanor Rani of Farenia to the throne.   Timeline of Boresia   Primary habitat of: Birdfolk (Chidaya), Bugbears, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Humans, Kendric (Halflings, Kender, you name it), Owlfolk (Kookoo), Rabbitfolk (Wibbit), Titanforged, Trolls, Turtlefolk (Kachhua)  
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Central Continent of Qail

  The people of Qail, Alana's central continent, are religious and employ modern technology sparingly. Magical items are not widely available for everyone but mostly in the hands of people of power and religious leaders.   The Caliki, who inhabit the continent's north, are known for their strong morals and control Charakur, Alana's primary trade port and Calika's capital city. King Harun and Queen Fathia live in the city as well. Harun rules the country harshly but fairly, as Fathia assures.
  Primary habitat of: Catfolk (Phurr), Dogfolk (Kutta), Duckfolk (Papia), Fishfolk (Makalee), Forestpeople (Van), Frogfolk (Mendhak), Goblins, Kobolds, Lionkin (Sinh), Merfolk (Piscari), Minotaurs, Orcs (Rukha), Serpentfolk (Gata), Tsin  
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Eastern Continent of Kundi

  Meanwhile, Kundi is the technologically least developed, with people who are deeply religious and believe in nature's power, ghosts, and other... things. Dashan with its capital Parafifi is the most noticeable country; it is vibrant, traditional, and filled with celebratory activities. The current religious (and therefor also the political) leader is Lobal.   As a result of a terrible event, Zaxor, the nation located farthest to the east, is now largely deserted. However, as of recent times, the Goth, who live farther to the north of it, have taken control of its capital city, Zaxi.
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  Primary habitat of: Centaurs, Elefantfolk (Hathi), Goth, Insectoids, Lizardfolk (Chipa), Ravenfolk (Koraki), The Cursed  
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Northern Regions

  The mysterious spellcasters who dominate the Han, which is located in the east of the Northern Regions, subject their people to oppressive taxation and mete out harsh punishments even for the most minor offenses. They assert that Mo-Lung, their capital city, is the most important commercial port. Han is also known for sightings of dragons. To their east lies the icy domain of Alana, where the formidable goliaths dwell.   Primary habitat of: Dragonkin, Goliaths (Vishaal), The Possessed
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Mag Mell

  And then there is Mag Mell, the realm of the Fae, connected to Alana though a gate in Makari (kendric city in the Farenian Empire) and another gate close to the mountains in Calika. Oberon, Titania and the Spider Queen reign over parts of the realm, with the Spider Queen's Shadow Court increasingly causing trouble for Mag Mell's inhabitants.   Primary habitat of: The Old Elves, Faeries, Pixies, Sprites, Nymphs, Satyrs, Dryads, Sylphs, and the dark creatures of the Shadow Court  
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A world full of wonders.

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