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  Makari is the largest settlement in Farenia, with over 46,000 registered residents and many more unregistered people from the fae realm. Makari is also the most prosperous. The city is a member of the Farenian Empire, but it considers itself an autonomous entity, and it avoids getting involved in politics outside of the city limits whenever possible.  


Apart from mostly Kendric, the area is populated by a variety of faefolk, however they are not legally counted as residents because they do not form part of the Allegro itself. There are also a few gnomes and dwarfs among the population.


As the sole city of the Kendric, who name themselves the Allegro, Makari is ruled by the High Okarina, the elected leader of the Allegro. The High Okarina is supported by a group of advisors, called the Ensemble.


Due to the hundreds of little dome-shaped residences that are all surrounded by trees, fields, vegetable gardens, hedges and shrubberies, Makari takes up a significant amount of land. Everyone is cultivating their own fruits and vegetables or running a little chicken or duck farm, which creates a large open area between every tiny house and the next.   Narrow waterways crisscross the whole city, and you can witness an unending number of tiny boats transporting goods to and from various locations throughout the day. The canals are crossed by a large number of little wooden arch bridges that are only high enough to allow you to glide through them in a boat if you dip your head beneath them. Because the canals are so little and the vegetation between them is so thick, you would not be able to see them from a distance if it were not for the tiny bridges that protrude from the ground here and there.



Dragonspine Vale

Population: 8876
Northern district of Makari and the closest to the sea, all important administrative buildings are located in this area.  

Bog Owl Grove

Population: 9050

Pin Oak Garden

Population: 8055
Eastern district.  

Weeping Willow Wood

Population: 6623

The Quack Mire

Population: 5947

Winternettle Hill

Population: 5607
Western district, prefered area for winegroing.


The whole region is very level, with the exception of a mountain in the southwest and a few hills in the north and south.  


All Soil Types: sandy, loamy and clay
Primary Soil: loamy
From Sea: sandy
From River: loamy

Ground Cover

Coverage Flora: Leafy Reedgrass, Feather Reed, Grey Fescue Grass, Barberry, Blueberry Bush, Aucuba, Tamarisk Moss, Baby Tooth Moss, Haircap Moss, Passion Vine
Total Coverage: 92%

Stone Formations

Exposed Stone: Granite
Buried Stone: Laterite, Travertine

Natural Resources

Trees: Tamboti (8%), Sandalwood (22%), Lime Tree (27%), Marblewood (32%), Apricot Tree (11%)
Stone: Granite, Laterite, Travertine
Ore & Gems: Manganese, Jade
Cultivated Crops: Passonfruit, Blueberries, Quinoa, Kiwicha, Pearl Millet, Linseed, Onion, Cabbage, Broccoli
Livestock: Chicken, Sheep, Goats
Wild Animals: Warthogs, Mice, Rabbits, Rats
Aquatic Animals: Sardine, Dorade, Butterfish, Grouper, Clams, Catfish
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Founding Date
2379 PB
Large city
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)
Characters in Location
Primary Building Style: Wooden, dome-shaped
Other Building Styles: Brick and Stone
Avg. Aesthetics: Basic
Avg. Cleanliness: Tidy
Avg. Upkeep: Well-Kept
Total: 46,837
Residential Buildings: 13,537
Districts: 6
Population Density: average (avg 3.46 people per residence)
  Children: 6,089
Adults: 33,722
Elderly: 7,026
Primary Race: Kendric

Articles under Makari

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