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Pippa Sonata (a.k.a. Pip)

On her eleventh birthday, Pippa was awarded the honour of acting as High Okarina for a day, as is customary in Makari. Immediately, she proceeded to make changes, prompting every inhabitant to exclaim, "Why had we not thought of this earlier?" She then started directing people around, making them improve details here and there. As a result of her ability to perform the duties of her temporary job to such a high level and positive impact, the Allegro raised its voice in request that she remain. The former High Okarina did not even get the time to empty his desk after he was sacked; he was gone and forgotten. Three years later, Pippa is still working at the office, making decisions that have ramifications for the whole Allegro.

Physical Description

Physical quirks

She is poking the inside of a cheek with her index finger when thinking.

Special abilities

Pippa has the ability to communicate with the fae and other creatures who are closely related to the fae realm, such as dryads and many animals, as a result of her partly fae heritage. Even she is unaware of the reason behind this, as she was raised as a foundling and her parents never informed her or anyone else of her situation.   She is capable of performing small magical faefolk tricks:  
  • Teleport once a day, but only a few feet from her current location.
  • Make small items levitate.
  • Let small items become invisible.
  • Create small visual effects or noises.

Apparel & Accessories

Pippa's typical outfit consists of short-sleeved shirts, often worn in several layers, and short or knee-length skirts in bright colors. Several bands, ties, and wooden pearl trinkets adorned her clothes and hair.

Mental characteristics


Pippa currently serves as the High Okarina of the Allegro.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Pippa is an excellent swimmer who likes playing in the sea close to Makari and swimming with the schools of fish in the area.


Contacts & Relations

When she has to make decisions in her role as High Okarina, she retreats into her Rondo for an hour or two, to announce her decisions back in the office afterwards. While she is in her chamber in the Rondo, she is having discussions on all of the topics with her friends.   The dazzloncat Iffie is an ancient spirit animal that serves as an advisor to Pippa in matters of state. It provides wisdom and insight on difficult decisions that need to be made in order for the city to prosper under its new leader’s rule. Iffie is only visible to who she wants to, which is usually only her three friends.   The fae Lyra is an enigmatic figure from Mag Mell whose goal seems to be encouraging harmony between humans and other creatures living within the city walls. She has been sent by Titania, the fae queen herself.   Finally, there is the dryad Joanettle – an elemental being with deep roots in nature magic - who acts as both protector and guardian of Pippa’s people while also providing magical guidance whenever it appears necessary or requested by the young leader herself. She is living in a tree right behind Pippa's home.   These three beings have become invaluable assistants that help Pippa navigate through all sorts of political issues while still learning how best to serve her constituents as their leader at such an early age. With their aid, she works hard each day towards making sure everyone living within her domain lives peacefully together without fear or prejudice against any species so they can all work together towards creating something greater than themselves: A better future for generations yet unborn!  
Iffie by Dean Spencer
Lyra by Artbreeder
Joanettle by Artbreeder

Social Aptitude

Pippa emits an air of self-assurance in every interaction she has with other people and tries to involve them into a debate. She starts to talk exceedingly slowly when she finds out they are rather simple-minded.
WE2021 prompt: unqualified person that performed well
A world full of wonders.
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Farenian, Fae
Ruled Locations

Cover image: Pippa Sonata by Tillerz using MidJourney
Character Portrait image: Pippa Sonata by Tillerz using MidJourney


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12 Dec, 2021 21:35

I like how she didn't care that she was leader only for a day and started reforms. Also, interesting that a child got more support than an adult. New generation taking over :)

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13 Dec, 2021 08:25

Apparently the previous dude didn't get done nothing. I'll add more details during WE as I update here and there. :)

Master Alixzere
John Johnson
16 Dec, 2021 20:04

I like the " If I'm here for one day, I'm going to make it count" approach. Also, can Iffie talk ?

16 Dec, 2021 20:25

She can communicate with all fae, but not by talking. As Pippa has fae blood, she can "hear" Iffie too. :)

Venerable Grandmaster Shaudawn
Shaudawn (a.k.a. Donovan)
17 Dec, 2021 20:27

This is a beautiful article. You pair the profile picture with the character well; I really get a delightful energy from both. The fact that you created your own prompts for World Ember and have come up with this very good one...and then made this character out of that... (to steal the phrase" ..."Why had we not thought of this earlier?" Good luck with WE2021, keep writing and believing. Awesome job. ♥

18 Dec, 2021 05:21

Thank you. :) I did look for a nice face to use for this article and the ideas then came when I found that image.

Andrew Booth
3 Jan, 2022 21:19

I love this! She really just decided to do better than everyone else, huh. Great article!

4 Jan, 2022 11:50

I totally liked the idea of this community just going to what works... if you see improvement in something, switch to it.

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