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"Have you ever been to Perelline?"
"I've been once and I didn't like it. That strange castle. And I think I saw a dragon."
"A dragon? You were drunk that day, right?"
"Yeah, I guess I were. I mean, when am I not?"
  Perelline is a sprawling, northern city located within the borders of the Farenian Empire. Lady Aurora, a mysterious figure rumoured to be a dragon, governs the city with an iron fist from her seat at Perelline Castle, a grand fortress located in the heart of the city. The city boasts a bustling harbor, which serves as a hub for trade and commerce within the empire and beyond.   Perelline is connected to other major cities of the Farenian Empire and the Technocracy of Magramine via the airships of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia.  
Perelline City View
  Despite its bustling trade and transportation hub, Perelline harbours a dark past. The city was once a hub for the slave trade and was involved in many other unsavoury practices, and its residents are known for their cunning and cunningness. Despite Lady Aurora's strict rule, crime still runs rampant in the shadows, and many of the city's residents still whisper of the city's dark history. Despite its checkered past, Perelline remains an important city within the Farenian Empire and continues to play a significant role in the empire's politics, economy, and military power.


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