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Khajari Tribe

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"Do I hear thunder? No, it's all sunny... oh wait, now it gets dark!"   "Uh, RUN! The Khajari Tribe!"   "Wait, what?"   "Pirates, look over there! Floating ships up in the sky!"
  The Khajari Tribe is a group of several family clans that joined together to terrorize the skies and everything underneath between the major cities Tinfu and Baramalungu. It is said that the Khajari tribe doesn't own any homeland, and that the families tie their ships together to build a huge floating city.   When the Khajari attack fleet approaches, the first thing you hear is a loud, deep, thunder like rumble, caused by giant horns on board of the ships. Then it becomes dark. First the ships and their huge sails block out the sun, then thousands of arrows, raining down as deady precipitation.    
A world full of wonders.

Public Agenda

The Khajari Tribe owns a well organized armada of pirate ships that float through the sky, which they use to raid cities for food and other resources they need. They never go for gold, as they don't pay for anything anyway.
Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe


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