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Approximately 320 years ago, a small cult that worshipped princess Kalish began to acquire adherents with the goal of promoting Kalish to the status of a goddess and making their faith the official religion of the kingdom. The obsessive desire for power that Kalish had led her to perform a ritual in which she transformed herself into a strong hybrid of a human and a snake. Her new form required nourishment, so she enticed a large number of worshipers into a blood-filled soul well. There, she would gorge herself on the souls of those people to increase her own power and sustain her new shape. When members of the victims' own families as well as friends vanished, people started wondering what was going on, and eventually, they rose up in rebellion, murdered the priests, and covered the well with Kalish in it under many layers of rocks and sand.   180 years later, the cult rose once more, only to be destroyed again. Now another 180 years have passed...
A world full of wonders.
Divine Classification
lawful evil

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