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Basic Information


Slimes are amorphous creatures that lack any kind of defined shape or structure, they just flow around in a blob. Their bodies are composed primarily of a thick, gooey substance that can take on a variety of colours and textures depending on the individual slime's environment and diet, usually shades of green or blue.

Ecology and Habitats

They can be found in a variety of habitats, ranging from damp, dark caves to lush, forested groves. They are most commonly encountered in areas with high levels of moisture, as their bodies require a certain amount of water to function properly. Some curious slimes have made it into the big cities of Alana's humanoids, but there number is rather sparse. People don't like to see them inside their settlements at least in their original blobby shape, and only a few slimes have developed the capability to take the form of a humanoid.  
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Slimes have long been fascinated by the appearance and behavior of humanoids. They are capable of mimicking the shapes, movements, and even mannerisms of humanoids with remarkable accuracy. In fact, some of the most advanced slimes have become so adept at this mimicry that they are often mistaken for actual humans by unsuspecting observers. Some slimes live undetected in humanoid form in large cities, while some of them keep the slimy look for some of their body, like having a mass of thick purple or green slime hair on the head or shiny clothing.  
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One of the most fascinating aspects of slimes is their ability to exude a variety of chemicals and toxins from their bodies. Some of these substances can be highly poisonous, while others have potent healing properties. Some slimes are even capable of secreting chemicals that can mimic the effects of certain spells, making them prized by wizards and other magic-users.   Despite their seemingly innocuous nature, slimes can be surprisingly dangerous when provoked. They are able to engulf and digest creatures that are about the same size as themselves, and some species are known to have acidic or otherwise dangerous bodily fluids. As such, it is important to exercise caution when dealing with these creatures, especially when encountering them in the wild.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

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Communication among slimes is a complex and largely non-verbal affair. They are capable of emitting a variety of sounds and vibrations, but much of their communication is done through emitting chemical signals from their bodies, which other slimes can detect and interpret along with subtle changes in body colour, body language, and behaviour.   Experienced slime hunters and researchers are able to discern a surprising amount of information from these subtle cues, allowing them to understand the creatures' moods, intentions, and even their physical health.   Curious slimes who made contact to humanoids tend to learn how to communicate verbal, often mimicking a person they have met. But they are also capable of expressing (and inducing) emotions like happiness or fear by using their chemical secretions. As a result, a terrified slime may frighten a large group of people around it.
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Scientific Name
bitumen sapiens
120 years
Average Height
10cm - 3m
Average Weight
1kg - 3t

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Apr 17, 2023 09:34

Ah the slime, the most typical fantasy creature in all of RPG-Games... just be careful when you get reborn into one, you might get OP or die very fast. ^^

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Apr 17, 2023 10:33 by Tillerz

Thinking about how to make Slimes a proper playable species. Allowing them to just "flow in "everywhere like through a keyhole or underneath a door is just too powerful. Or maybe people have just developed a "slime repellant" like Mochi wrote about? Something that is really easy to make in large quantity, so it's used by everyone and being sprayed onto doors and chimneys etc to keep slimes out? But that again makes Slimes look a pest, so who would play a that much hated creature? :-(

Apr 18, 2023 10:34

Don't allow them to transform whatever they have on themselfs. While clothing is ok to replicate (but with no bonuses to defense ect.), they just can't replicate weapons, tools, armor and COINS, and so on.
And give them a cooldown for the transformation. After shapeshifting into a slime it takes 10 minutes until they gathered enough power/ mana/ strain whatever until they can return to theire human form. (or make it a once per session ability depending on the used system)
That way they would have to think about when and how to use this power.

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