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Approximately 300 years ago, Zaxor was a lush and prosperous nation, rivers and streamlets nourishing small settlements that were filled with an abundance of fountains and ponds, clusters of trees and hanging gardens. People were having a good life, and they only needed to put in a small amount of effort in order to maintain their quality of living.
They took advantage of the amount of free time by beginning to investigate the local flora and animals and documenting their discoveries in as much detail as possible. Soon after, they broadened the scope of their research to encompass a variety of issues and came to the realisation that they might harness the mystical powers supplied by the soil under their feet by fashioning and utilising rune stones.
But their desire to learn every little details was so powerful that they quickly emptied the energy of the earth, and even with enough water at their disposal, they were unable to produce any more sustenance for themselves.
The countless rune stones carried on their process of drawing power from wherever they could find it. First the children and then the elderly lied, and in the end there was no one left. Everyone and everything in Zaxor died, except beings that did not require nourishment and could withstand the power drain. Finally, about a hundred years ago, the former capital Zaxi and the rest of the region have both fallen into disrepair to the point that they were essentially uninhabitable.


Plot Hooks

I'm singing in the drain - To enter Zaxor, one needs to be properly protected against the power drain by the rune stones. This requires some research, the help of powerful mystics and the gathering of rare components to create a ward. Anyone who is not protected loses 1 HP (and magic point, if available) per day (5e/PF2: additionally one spell slot every 3 days).

Is this the world we created…? - The party can try to restore Zaxor. For this undertaking they need to visit the Library of Siklios in Zaxor after getting the protection mentioned above. The library contains hints about what happened as well as some thoughts about how to reverse the process (see Library article).
A world full of wonders.
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Grandmaster Gillymaya
Gilly-May Hartill
3 Jul, 2022 12:11

Great article! I love that you've included plot hooks, bravo :)

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5 Jul, 2022 19:51

Thanks :) I try to add a lot of plot hooks everywhere.

2 Aug, 2022 13:48

Cool idea to have the uncovered power of the rune stones, draw the very life from the whole place.
When the search for a better life and knowledge results in chaos and destruction!

Have a look at my Treasured Companions Entry.
2 Aug, 2022 15:07

It's not always the destruction of other people, sometimes it hits yourself.

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