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In the distant past, the dwarves crafted an army of steam-powered and magic-powered robots called titanforged. These machines were created for use as tools and soldiers in the dwarf’s battles against their enemies. The titanforged were built with intricate machinery that allowed them to operate autonomously without dwarven assistance or control.   However, after centuries of use, something unexpected happened: the machines became sentient. Despite being mechanical creations of the dwarves, they began living their own lives. They developed individual personalities and even formed relationships with one another, just as any biological race would under similar conditions.  
The titanforged eventually broke away from their creators, no longer content to serve as tools or weapons for anyone else's agenda, and forged their own path in life by establishing communities across the land where they could live peacefully among one another while still maintaining some level of contact with other species on occasion. Many of them still live near or inside dwarven settlements, but as equals to the dwarves. They have formed worker unions to enforce a proper payment for their work.   These powerful beings have become part of everyday life in many parts of the western continent; though often feared due to their strength and mysterious origins, most people recognise them as peaceful entities who just wish to be left alone so that they can exist alongside all other living things on this planet harmoniously.   Due to the dwarves' use of the titanforged in the wars against the elves, the titanforged are not welcome anywhere in the Kingdom of Lymyra ( 1st Boresian War and 2nd Boresian War ).   Although the titanforged have adapted quite well over time, becoming just like everyone else (albeit in very different sizes and shapes), there remains something special about them that no one can quite put their finger on.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Main hub of the titanforged is the city Tarn.
A world full of wonders.

Average Height
0,5 to 2,5m
Average Weight
25 to 250kg
Geographic Distribution


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Dec 12, 2022 20:16 by Bart Weergang

This is pretty cool Tillerz! Do they maintain eachother? do they live for ever? if not, do they get burried or recycled? and what about childeren? can they create more of their kind, with the necesary magic and such?

Dec 12, 2022 20:42 by Tillerz

Yes yes, going to expand all of that with that additional info. :)

Dec 13, 2022 06:19 by Bart Weergang

yeah, looking forward to that ping :)

Mar 17, 2023 07:58

This moment you get remembered of NieR Automata and only feel sorrow for these poor mechanicle beeings that only want to life in peace.
Nice idea

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