Welcome to Gnomerado, the paradise for every gnome!
A whole island dedicated to fun!

Games, Rides, Slides, Machines, Cake, Beverages!
  At the entrance, a sign says "Maximum Size" near a bar you have to walk through underneath. If you are larger you can't enter Gnomerado. There is no pay kiosk anywhere, all the gnomes visiting own special Whacker Coins with the face of Whacker Tomsen on it. Those are traded in for entrance, food, drinks and the different rides. The coins are won through lotteries or sold during special events. Once a year you can mail order special "commemorative coins" which are worth ten times of a regular Whacker Coin.  
Grab a hammer and go w....hack it!! Hard! A giant troll stands there, unsuspecting. And you need to break his neck! Hit him hard enough and his nose will fall off! Win three noses for a prize!   Tart Thrower
Similar to the "put your face through a hole and wait for the incoming tart" ... only the other way around. The tart is waiting for you! Take place in the catapult, calculate trajectory, aim, and fly into the soft, vanilla smelling, creamy tart... or miss it.
Kick a Troll
A 10 by 10 foot square where for 60 seconds life-sized troll puppets drop down from above shortly, and you have to kick as many as possible, in the... uh... where it hurts most.   Playground for the little ones
A big area full of stuff for little gnomes: scissors, hammers, bolt drivers, plasma torches and iron plates as many as you need, also a small amount of Aeum per gnome, to build your very first deadly combat machine! At the end of the day, the machines go into the ring for a fight! All of them, at once!


Lots of!
This is the place to visit at least once for every gnome!
You just can't miss it!


The advertized "island" is actually just a tongue of land, but that's not exciting enough for the marketing guys.
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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
29 Dec, 2020 01:28

This place sounds like fun! :D I think the tart thrower is my favourite, though it'd be rather messy, I guess.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
29 Dec, 2020 11:54

I love the descriptions of the various games, this sounds like such a fun place to be! Would other small species be able to enter regardless of not being gnomes? And would a gnomes with gigantism still be allowed to enter regardless of their size?

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
29 Dec, 2020 16:08

No exceptions! Except... you bring lots of money or shiny gadgets.

-- Tillerz, Alana
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