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Western Continent of Boresia

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The Western continent, also called Boresia, is the technologically most advanced of the three continents. People use Aeum powered airships, steam-engine trains, underground bullet trains, and all kind of technical or magical gadgets to make their daily life easier.


A world full of wonders.
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Era of the Titans

1000 AB to 1 AB

The Titans emerged and grew stronger, until they challenged the Gods 1000 years later.

  • Year of Banishment
    The Banishment
    Era beginning/end

    After a world shattering battle between the Titans and the Gods, that left the land scarred with craters and signs of civilization mostly destroyed, the Gods built a gateway powered by rune stones. The Titans got banished to the realm behind and the stones got removed and hidden.


Era of Peace

0 AB and beyond

After the war all creatures stayed in hiding for a long time, until first the elves, then the dwarves and finally the humans reassembled and founded new cities.


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