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Caleonidia is a city situated in the midst of an expansive steppe. Its inhabitants are known as Lionkin, humanoid lions with great strength and agility who live peacefully amongst each other. They practise no formal religion but instead worship nature; they revere their environment for its beauty and bounty, believing it to be divinely inspired. The citizens of Caleonidia demonstrate remarkable honesty; there has never been any recorded instance of theft or dishonesty within the city’s walls throughout its history.  
Caleonidia by Tillerz using MidJourney
  The people here have always lived off the land: hunting game on foot during winter months when food can scarce, fishing from nearby rivers come springtime before embarking upon farming expeditions over summer days that bring plentiful harvests by autumnal times once again – so much so that many families rarely go hungry despite living through harsh conditions where famine was commonplace elsewhere across Alana. This makes them self-sufficient while also being able to trade goods between one another, thanks largely to their honest natures, which give locals peace of mind knowing what they buy will not be fraudulent! Furthermore, the lionkin show tremendous care towards those around them, whether family members or strangers alike, offering help whenever needed, such as providing shelter if someone falls ill until recovery comes about, without ever expecting anything back in return aside from perhaps just friendship itself.   Life exists harmoniously in Caleonidian society, where everyone works together for mutual benefit, respecting themselves and others and honouring all aspects of nature too, thereby making this a truly special place indeed.
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