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Lionkin by Tillerz using MidJourney
The Lionkin ("Sinh" in their language) of Caleonidia are a proud, noble, and loyal species that possesses a deep connection to nature that is both magical and spiritual in origin.    They are descendants of an ancient line of powerful shape-changing creatures and still can shapechange a few times per day: full humanoid form, humanoid with a lion's head, or full lion form. The skin of their humanoid form usually has a deep brown tone.  
Lionkin by Tillerz using MidJourney
They are protectors, warriors, healers, and keepers of secret knowledge. The Lionkin guard the city's borders with fierce loyalty but rarely allow outsiders in; many secrets remain hidden within their walls. Over time, these secrets have been passed down through generations, carefully preserved by each successive generation so that they may continue to serve as guardians for future generations.

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A powerful form of spellcasting known only to those born into the pride - it grants them unique powers over elements such as wind or earth, which can be used for defensive or offensive purposes depending on need.   Ancient herbal remedies are said to cure any ailment - this knowledge has been kept close within family circles, allowing them access to medical treatments far more effective than those usually offered elsewhere.   Mystical rituals performed at certain times throughout each year; these ceremonies honour specific spirits associated with protection while also imbuing members of the pride with special abilities related to communication and understanding between animals and humans alike.
Lionkin by Tillerz using MidJourney
A world full of wonders.

150 years
Average Height
180 - 230cm
Average Weight
humanoid form: 70 - 140kg
lion form: 120 - 180 kg
Geographic Distribution
Notable lionkin

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