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Johdrims Treacle Mines

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The treacle mines of Johdrims have become a vital aspect of the city's economy, operated by the industrious kobolds who discovered the valuable substance almost two decades ago. This discovery has led to thriving trade with the orcs to the west, but also to fierce territorial disputes as the demand for treacle grows.   In the year 2845 PB, while expanding their network of caves in the mountains, the kobolds of Johdrims stumbled upon a yellowish, shiny, and incredibly tough substance embedded in the ground. They eagerly filled barrels with the material, mistaking it for gold, and set off to sell their newfound wealth to the orcs in the city of Kmatztik. The journey was arduous due to heavy rain, but the kobolds persevered, driven by the promise of profit.   Upon arrival, the kobolds were shocked to find that the substance had liquefied into a gooey mass. Despite their initial disappointment, an orc trader dipped his finger into the sticky substance and tasted it. His eyes lit up with excitement. "We'll buy the whole load," he boasted, "and more if you have it." The kobolds quickly realised they had stumbled upon a culinary delight rather than gold, and they capitalised on this new demand. Since then, they have been transporting over 50 barrels of treacle each week to satisfy the orcs' insatiable appetite.   In recent years, the once-plentiful treacle mines have begun to run dry, leading to fierce conflicts over land in and around Johdrims. The discovery of treacle has transformed Johdrims, making it a centre of trade and conflict. The kobolds' ingenuity and persistence have sustained this lucrative enterprise, but the future of the mines remains uncertain as the search for new deposits continues.  
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  Three kobold families have risen to power, each controlling a significant portion of the treacle trade.  
The Glurblegloop Family
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The Glurblegloop family, led by the cunning and resourceful patriarch Krix Glurblegloop, is renowned for their efficiency in extracting treacle. Known for their meticulous planning and organisation, the Glurblegloops have managed to maintain a steady flow of treacle even as the mines began to dry up. Krix consistently wears a polished monocle and an ornate walking stick, signifying his authority.   Animosity: The Glurblegloops are often at odds with the Slurpsnort family due to accusations of sabotage. Krix suspects that the Slurpsnorts have been deliberately causing cave-ins in Glurblegloop tunnels to slow down their production. This has led to several heated confrontations and a deep-seated distrust between the two families.    
The Slurpsnort Family
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The Slurpsnort family, led by ambitious Zik Slurpsnort, is famous for their aggressive expansion tactics. Zik, with his flamboyant attire and ever-present entourage, has made it clear that the Slurpsnorts aim to dominate the treacle business. Their willingness to take risks has earned them both fortune and enemies.   Animosity: The Slurpsnorts are in constant rivalry with the Glurblegloops, but their relationship with the Blurpblop family is equally contentious. The Blurpblops accuse the Slurpsnorts of poaching their workers and spreading false rumours to undermine their reputation. Zik dismisses these claims but secretly revels in the chaos they cause.

The Blurpblop Family
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The Blurpblop family, headed by the shrewd and calculating Mip Blurpblop, has a reputation for innovation. Mip's inventive mining techniques and clever use of resources have allowed the Blurpblops to discover new treacle deposits where others saw only barren rock. Mip's ever-present smirk and a collection of strange gadgets hanging from his belt make him easily recognizable.   Animosity: The Blurpblops have a long-standing feud with the Slurpsnorts over territorial disputes. Mip believes that Zik Slurpsnort has been encroaching on Blurpblop land, leading to skirmishes between their mining crews. Additionally, Mip harbours resentment towards the Glurblegloops for their perceived arrogance and constant boasting about their superior organisation.   The Animosities   The rivalry between these three families often erupts into outright hostility. The Glurblegloops and Slurpsnorts engage in a constant game of cat and mouse, with sabotage and espionage being common tactics. The Blurpblops, caught in the middle, retaliate against both families, leading to a volatile and unstable truce that never lasts long.   Meetings between the family heads are rare and fraught with tension, often ending in shouting matches and threats. Despite their animosities, the families must coexist and occasionally cooperate to maintain the flow of treacle to the orcs of Kmatztik.


The treacle mines of Johdrims are a sprawling network of tunnels and caverns carved into the mountains by the diligent kobolds. Glowing mushrooms and torches illuminate the mines, creating a dim yet functional environment. The tunnel walls shimmer faintly with remnants of treacle deposits, and the air is filled with the scent of the sticky substance.   The kobolds use a combination of pickaxes and chisels to extract the treacle from the rock, carefully packing it into barrels for transport. When they have fully extracted the treacle, they abandon the deeper sections of the mines. Kobolds are constantly digging new tunnels in the hopes of discovering fresh deposits, creating an ever-expanding labyrinth beneath the mountains.  
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Founding Date
2845 PB
Parent Location


2845 PB: The Discovery
Kobolds discover a yellowish, shiny, and tough substance while carving caves in the mountains of Johdrims. They mistake it for gold and attempt to sell it to the orcs in Kmatztik. During the journey, heavy rain causes the substance to liquefy into treacle. Orc traders eagerly purchase the entire load and demand more.
2846 PB: Route Establishment
Regular shipments of treacle begin, with the kobolds transporting over 50 barrels each week to Kmatztik.
2855 PB: Peak Business
The treacle mines reach peak production, providing a significant boost to Johdrims' economy.
2860 PB: Tension Rising
Signs of treacle depletion become evident in the established mines, leading to increased efforts to find new deposits.
2865 PB: Present day
Conflicts over land in and around Johdrims intensify as the search for new treacle deposits becomes more desperate. The current year marks a critical point in the ongoing struggle to maintain the treacle trade.

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