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Collected Works of P. H. Croveloft

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In the waning years of the Second Boresian War, a soldier named P. H. Croveloft began writing stories for his children at home, using a quill he had borrowed from an elderly officer. Each month, the war became more cruel, and the stories became more horrific as well.
Croveloft continued to send a storey to his family every two weeks, amassing a total of 97 stories before he was reported missing in action in 1944. What Croveloft was unaware of was that his family had been relocated to a different place and had not received any of his correspondence.
After the war was over, his letters were piled high in the post office until it was cleared away.  being unable to find his family, the post office opened the letters and discovered all of the stories. The stories were separated from the personal letters by the employees, who then gave them to a local library, where
moms and grandmothers were looking for stories to entertain their children or grandchildren. Because Croveloft's stories were penned with the Quill of Dark Feelings, they transported the horrors of war back to the children, filling their nights with torturing dreams.

Historical Basis

Following its use by Hanshahn, the Quill of Dark Feelings travelled through a number of hands before ending up in the possession of P. H. Croveloft, where it darkened his tales even more. His tales are still accessible at the Library of Perelline, although they have not been touched in years, according to the librarians.
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10 Dec, 2021 14:36

Both spooky and sad. I thought the somewhat ... familiar name would go along with a but of a funny, spoofy article, but not so. I know nothing of Lovecraft's story, but I do like how you incorporated this one into a magic item. I would not like to be the overly curious reader to discover those in the library. Also, the article is like ... short, but it still conveys so much, and the historical tone of it fits so well. Fantastic.

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John Johnson
16 Dec, 2021 19:43

Interesting article. I wonder though, are we going to have a more detailed look in his work one day ?

16 Dec, 2021 20:27

Not sure, it was just a small homage to H.P. Lovecroft, you could just read his stuff. :D

17 Dec, 2021 16:02

Interesting, I can see the inspiration from Lovecraft. I now also understand how the Quill of Dark Feelings is a very, very scary item that can project what is written. An interesting artefact! (Just a small thing, a big B is missing next to the eye, the sentence starting with "Being". )

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18 Jan, 2022 04:30

I was okay, nice story, until I read the last sentence, and the world turned dark.

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