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High Okarina

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The High Okarina is the only person who has full authority to make all of the crucial choices for the kendric of the Allegro and is elected by the people. No kendric will voice dissatisfaction with the conduct of the current High Okarina, but will instead begin to advocate for the election of a new one.


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Pippa by Artbreeder
No special qualifications are required to hold this position.   Currently, Pippa Sonata is holding the title after outperforming the previous holder when having the office as an honour on her eleventh birthday.


The office of the High Okarina will be given to the person who is chosen by the people in an espressivo and will remain with her until she is surpassed in popularity by someone else.


One gigue every day is held by the High Okarina and her ensemble, during which they argue every subject on the agenda until she declares her coda on each topic. All of the decisions are set down in generic form in the libretto to serve as a guideline for the Allegro in similar situations.


The High Okarina lives in her own Rondo with two helpers who assist her with the day-to-day operations so that she may devote her attention to more important concerns.
WE2021 prompt: Title / Rank: In your world, describe a title or rank that has authority over a settlement or region.
pink star behind golden crown - stained glass
Civic, Professional
Form of Address
Oh Okarina
Alternative Naming
Oh Oh
Equates to
Same power as the Council of Ten in Bridgeport
Source of Authority
Elected by the people.
Length of Term
Until someone else gets elected.
Current Holders
Related Locations
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Apparently she did a good job. :)

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