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One significant ceremony takes place once every year in the neighbourhood of Quack Mire in Makari. On the day before The Quackening and The Big Roast, the elders of the neighbourhood get together with buckets of corn and beer to feed the ducks in the district. It is an effort on their part to avert a repeat of the nightmare that took place five years ago (see The Twentieth Duck). They search each confinement for the biggest ducks and feed their goodies to those ducks, which is a spectacle for the local kids, as some of the ducks are quite drunk after the feeding and just shamble around erratically. One can hear a lot of excited quacking coming from the ducks and laughter from the hordes of children who chase them around in the vast confinements.  

Secrets: What really happens

After the occurrence that took place five years ago, the eldest eventually learned the truth about what took place after doing some investigation. However, instead of notifying everyone, they choose to keep it to themselves and rather make advantage of the situation for their own benefit. They concocted the tale that some higher duck entity was upset with the quality of the food that Kendric provided for the ducks and that this discontent was the driving force for the chaos that ensued. At least once, on the day before The Quackening, the ducks need to be given high-quality food in order to appease that entity. This food should include corn and beer. The reasoning of the elders: if they give those items to the ducks to eat, the roasted ducks would have a much more appetising flavour. In addition to that, there will be plenty of free beer available for the elderly to drink. It is a victory on two fronts.
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This and "The Twentieth Duck" make such a great story. Thank you for the great and entertaining reads Tillerz.

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