Run for Cover

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The bookstore in the south of Bridgeport's old city is owned by Elise.
All books in the store can be bought, rented for a fee, or traded in for other books. Several written scrolls and maps are also available. An exception are the Geetruud Smallbottom books, they are not for sale.   Once per day Elise is visiting Lili's Orphanage and reading books to the children, ever friday in the late evening she is reading books in the adjacent inn The Pantry.  

Run for Cover

  daily 10 am to noon - store open
daily noon to 2 pm - storytime at Lili's Orphanage
daily 3 pm to 6 pm - store open
  Friday 8 pm - frivolous storytime for adults at The Pantry

Rare books you can find

  • Changing The Country (politics)
  • Commanding The Sea (guidebook)
  • Edge Of Time (philosophy)
  • Inventing The Universe (mystic)
  • Misfortune Of The Curse (guidebook)
  • Origin Of Fire (history)
  • Symbols In The Shadows (mystic)
  • Vision of Tomorrow (mystic)

Most read books

  • Agent Of Desire (adult)
  • Duchess Of Joy (adult)
  • Gangsters Of Insanity (thriller)
  • Leading My Husband (guidebook)
  • Snakes And Heirs (intrigue)
  • Tortoise Without Fear (children)
  • Tree Of Fortune (guidebook)
  • Women And Criminals (adult)

Geertruud Smallbottom - collected works

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Butterflies
  • Apes of Calika - A Lustful Species
    • A Study of plants and herbs, and which ones you should avoid under any circumstances
    • Detailed mappe of Calika
    • Pigments of Faith - Religion in Calika
    • Never underestimate a dragon
    • Onehundredtwentyseven ways to make a decent tea without having actual tea
    • Running In Circles
    • Starving To Death? Things You Thought Are Inedible
    • When North Is South - Finding Your Way Through A Desert

    Books probably no one has ever read

    by REXARD
    • A Thousand Ways To Throw A Stone
    • Death By Dragon - A Comprehensive List
    • Knights Without A Goal
    • Root With Shame
    • Scrubbin' - How To Clean Your Kitchen
    • XIII
    • Yath'ok Treq Unak


    It is a really small store, just a tiny bit wider than its entrance door. In fact, someone just filled up the narrow space between the two houses left and right with "house", up to the third floor. With heavy wooden bookshelves sitting on both sidewalls, containers with old scrolls and waist-high stacks of books everywhere on the floor it is nearly impossible to pass a person that is moving in the opposite direction. Both people have to turn sideways and slowly shuffle along the shelves until they have passed each other.   On each level of the house, a wooden ladder leads up to the next floor above. There is also a rope hanging down, flung over a small wheel at the top ceiling. It's being used to pull up or let down a bucket with books. At the bottom level, the store has a (not so well) hidden trap door that leads into a small basement room filled with old chests containing ancient books, scrolls and maps.
    Founding Date
    2840 PB
    Parent Location


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