The Artigo

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The Artigo is a pretty big anchored just outside the city. You need to talk to a dwarf named Berny Arcourt at the harbour to get there. He will ferry you to the ship in a small rowing boat.

Purpose / Function

The Artigo - Menu

Fish and the like

Braised Shark and Artichoke, Glass of Cider (8 sp)
Salted Shark and Dried Peas, Tankard of Beer (7 sp)

Steamed Shrimp and Cashew Bread, Glass of Cider (8 sp)

Roasted Crab and Oat Biscuits, Glass of Mead (12 sp)
Braised Crab with Garlic and Dried Lemon, Glass of Brandy (12 sp)

Steamed Whitefish and Onion, Glass of Wine (7 sp)

Not so much fish

Baked Dragon and Curd Cheese, Glass of Mead (5 sp)
Roasted Dragon and Blackberry Tart, Glass of Wine (5 sp)
Baked Dragon and Currant Pie, Glass of Cider (7 sp)

Roasted Mutton and Turnip, Tankard of Beer (13 cp)

Baked Phoenix and Strawberry Tart, Glass of Whiskey (8 sp)
Baked Phoenix and Blue Cheese, Glass of Whiskey (6 sp)

Steamed Chicken with Saffron and Sharp Cheese, Glass of Port (5 sp)

Roasted Pork and Dried Radish, Tankard of Stout (12 cp)



The bulky ship has two openly visitable decks. The lower deck contains some storerooms, the kitchen and some private rooms for staff in the back. The front half is covered by a large room with several tables for all kind of games. There are six smaller, separate rooms around it for private gambling sessions. The kitchen delivers food right to the tables. The upper deck is reachable via two stairs on the left and right and covering only the back half of the ship. It contains sleeping rooms for the guests.   Below these two decks are two more, containing the rooms of Honorable Men and TANAHOOO.  
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