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Cilla's Costumes and Gadgets

Work in progress!
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Slightly NSFW!
The store is owned by Cilla, who sells costumes and matching accessories as well as fun and prank goods for special occasions. There are many aisles of apparel, boxes brimming with products, and dress-up mannequins strewn throughout the small shop, which is completely packed. Almost nothing in the shop is genuinely magical, despite the fact that it may appear to be such to the uninitiated. Lacquered wood and other pliable materials are used in the construction of every accessible weapon. You are free to flaunt them in public without fear of anyone getting injured by them.   Custom costumes are a possibility because Cilla does her own tailoring.  

Purpose / Function

Main Inventory

Ball gowns, tunics, fake armour, and weaponry
Historical costumes
Wide assortment of shoes, gloves, hats, and cheap jewelry
Musical instruments, and scores

Other Items

Memorabilia of famous actors and playwrights (worn costumes, props used in famous roles, reading lamp, writing desk, favourite mug/beer stein, writing quill etc.)
Vintage playbills, posters, and tickets
First printings of famous plays
Endless box of wondrous items
Silence powder
A blow up doll that says things when activated
A punching bag that punches back
A flower that sprays water (or any liquid)
Fake handcuffs
Real handcuffs (fuzzy)
Comically oversized quill
Smoke bombs
Stink bombs
Hat of rodent storage
Invisible ink
Telescoping 10'pole (compresses down to 2')
Whoopi cushion
Water-squirting flower
Rubber knife (or sword/warhammer/other weapon)
Candy that stains your teeth/burns with hell spices
fake spiders/snakes
Telescope that leaves an ink ring around your eye
A squeaky Warhammer with illusion cast on it so it looks real
A scroll of animate costume
Pre programmed scrolls of illusion for stage effects


This is GM information

Plot Hooks

It's a rich man's world - Cilla's store is struggling to stay open despite her best efforts. The little payment that she receives for her services is just about insufficient for her to maintain both her home and her business. She needs assistance as soon as possible.
Cilla sets ridiculously cheap pricing for the products she rents out as well as the outfits she makes herself. In addition, she does not request any payment for making repairs to costumes that are ruined by the performers at the Opera House.   And it goes toot - A tophat was "borrowed" by a grimalkin from the store. Cilla is eager to have it back. When you strike the top of the tophat, it makes a tooting sound as it collapses in on itself before unfolding again. It looks like any other tophat. It is kind of funny how every other grimalkin in the city is sporting some sort of tophat on their head. In addition, there are a great deal of them throughout the time of the Festival of the Rusty Pipe.
This might be a quick and entertaining episode in which the party plays a game similar to "Whack-a-Mole," but with catfolk instead of moles. They must first move to a position that provides them with a modest elevation, such as a window on the first story of a building that overlooks a busy street, and then continue to strike the tophat-wearing grimalkin with a long stick or another object until they discover the tophat that toots. They will most likely have to shift locations by climbing over the rooftops to get away from angered grimalkin. After they have finally located the appropriate tophat, they will have to pursue the grimalkin through the congested streets.
This is GM information
Goods: Costumes, Props
Services: Tailoring, Makeup
Disposition: Grimalkin
Favoured: -
Alternative Names
Shop, Tailor
Parent Location


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Jan 23, 2022 02:55 by E. Christopher Clark

"A blow-up doll that says things when activated."   All of the items were great, but that one made me LOL.

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I would like to buy all the smoke bombs and test the telescope out. The 3d floorplan is so cool.

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