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Rocco the circus magician is travelling with Baine J Uckley and his famous Cirque de Solani. He has been a part of the show for many years and has earned a reputation as one of their best performers. His magic tricks have amazed audiences from all over Farenia, captivating them with astonishing effects and surprising endings.   Levitation: A classic magician's trick is to make it appear as if someone is levitating by having their assistants lift them up and hold them in place while they move around. Rocco has changed this trick: Due to a "mishap", everyone in the audience can see that a (not so) hidden Alfredo is holding up Tibbi. Rocco quickly tries to save the illusion by hiding Alfredo under a black blanket again, but then poof! The blanket falls flat to the ground, Alfredo has vanished, and Tibbi is still floating in midair without support.   Some others are:
  • Seemingly shrinking himself to the size of a gnome, he suddenly appears in the audience, while the gnomish copy is still standing in the centre of the tent, and, taking the false moustache and hat down, announces: "It's Flip (or sometimes Flop), the tiger tamer!"
  • Making objects disappear and reappear at will
  • Producing live animals out of thin air
  • Transforming one object into another
  • Conjuring fireballs from their hands
  • Making it rain indoors
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Beneath his jovial facade lies a dark secret. When he was younger, Rocco had dabbled in darker forms of magic, forbidden rituals that would bring forth things best kept hidden away in the world's forgotten corners. He soon realised how dangerous these practises could be and swore never to use them again, but it may not be enough to protect him from those who seek power through such means.   As they travel throughout Farenia, performing at fairs and festivals, Rocco can't help but feel like someone is watching him, always just out of sight but ever present nonetheless. He knows there are powerful forces at work here that could easily expose his past if given the chance, and so he must remain vigilant if he wants to keep his secrets safe while preserving both himself and Cirque de Solani as well.
  Some of Rocco's tricks:

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