Sentient Straw

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There are only two known specimens of Sentient Straw, and they both were found in Warehouse III by Mila, when she was delivering some items to the huge store area: Miffet and Struppet. Apparently, they were part of the stuffing material inside of one of the crates that contained fragile glass flagons. It would appear that the flagons were not properly cleaned before being packaged for long-term storage in the warehouse. As a result, an unknown fluid leaked into the straw, and the straw began to come to life, infused with magical powers that were being channelled into it from the surrounding artefacts.   Mila brought them into the Conservatory, where they are freely roaming. They are hiding if anyone else than Mila is visiting the area, which is easy for them: they just put the head to the ground, which makes them almost indistinguishable from their surroundings.  

Basic Information

Biological Traits

From their behaviour you could assume that Miffet is a girl and Struppet a boy. Miffet is more careful and caring, Struppet daring, curious and always protecting Miffet where needed.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They do not require any form of food intake at any point. Instead, they stuff themselves with parts of withered plants, particularly grasses, which they collect from the surrounding area.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Dark, shiny eyes with a tint of cyan or red.

Average Intelligence

Like a five year old human child.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The existing Sentient Straw specimens have a vision, hearing, smell and touch sense. They are not able to taste, as they do not posses any kind of digestion system. Their vision is limited to maybe 3 meters, but their hearing and smelling capability is excellent.


Additional senses: Struppet can sense if someone is lying, and Miffet has the capability to predict what is happening in the next few seconds. It is not long enough that she can explain it to someone but rather to give a warning if something bad is going to happen.   Other powers: TBD
Scientific Name
Stramentum sentiens
Warehouse III
Average Height
10 cm
Average Weight
50-100 grams
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by


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10 Aug, 2022 13:41

Just cute, those two!
It is really a cool idea and a foreshadowing: When some magic liquid can create such lovly creatures of straw, what would it do to something like a bundle trapwire...

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