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Sitka Cove

Sitka Cove is a fictional town with a population of 7,000 residents in Northern Ontario (Canada) approximately 5 hours NW of Sault Ste. Marie. By road, the town must be accessed via an offshoot road that leaves Highway 17. The secondary road takes another hour to travel West, toward the lake. Because the town is off the beaten path, it is not as popular with tourists as larger towns. Also for that reason, it has been ignored by the Provincial Government.   To the west is Lake Superior and Sitka Cove itself, for which the town is named. The town has grown predominantly to the south and east, but there are still vast expanses of forests surrounding the town. The waterfront (on the Western side of town) has Terry Fox Park and the Citizen's Market.   Sitka Cove is protected by the Sitka Cove Police Department. Their newest Detective is Anais Nese Quinn.     Food...from the Citizen's Market, the scattering of restaurants, and "Wheel Food" (the one food truck in the community), food can often be smelt all over town. Perogies from Mom's Dinner Plate, "Crusty Nibbles" (the sandwich shop downtown), Chinese food from the Golden Panda, burgers & fries from The Pig & Cow Diner , coffee & donuts from Tim's easy to be hungry here!   Sitka Cove has a long and multi-layered history, but there are dark secrets most of them would rather not know about. Secrets they won't find in the town's archives, tucked away in the library.     The summers are cool, despite the sun and the winters are short, frigid, snowy, windy, and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from -25°F to above 80°F. Winter winds off Lake Superior can make it feel 10 degrees colder. Springs tend to be wet and cool. Autumn brings misty mornings, short days, and sweater weather.


Finnish, First Nations, Scot, Irish, Ukrainian, English, French


  • Provincial Minister
  • Mayor
  • Town Manager
  • City Council comprised of Councillors from each Ward
  • Town inhabitants

Industry & Trade

Natural Resources
  • Barrick Logging Inc
  • McCrae Logging
Food Industry Import/Export
  • Aurora Imports
  • Sitka Cove 'Strip (airport)
  • Black Forest Railway
General Businesses
  • Swish & Suds Laundry
  • Golden Panda (restaurant)
  • First Security Bank
  • Financial Trust Credit Union
  • Second Time Around (thrift store)
  • Classic Cuts (barber shop)
Healthcare Providers
  • McLeod Banting General Hospital


  • 1 small airstrip with a small building to house the manager's office and a waiting room for bush plane passengers. The runway is 100 feet wide by 3,933 feet long. There is monthly air service to airports south of the community, but landing and fuel services are available.
  • A single railway line enters and exits the community, which was initially established for the export of lumber. Currently, the line and all machinery is owned by a first Nations owned business group in the south of the Province. The railway imports natural gas, propane, some shelf-stable food, as well as heavy machinery, supplies and workers for and from the mine and logging operations.
  • A private company holds the contract for road maintenance and winter snow removal of all roads in town, as well as the road out to the Provincially-owned Highway 17


  • Old Town
  • Downtown
  • Waterfront

Guilds and Factions

  • Sitka Crafters Guild


Sitka Cove was established as a community in 1880, when the 4 Barrick brothers Emile Barrick, Arcady Barrick  , Bastien Barrick & Oliver Barrick moved there with their families, with the intent of establishing a logging company.

Points of interest

  • Shingwauk Memorial Library & Art Gallery


Sitka Cove is on the Eastern shore of Lake Superior. The lakeside is on the Western side of town, in a district residents call "Old Town". On the Eastern side of town, behind the hospital, is a large and mostly undisturbed swath of forest. To the north is a mine. Deep within that mine is a secret only a handful of residents know about. The Underealm, where the demons wait for the Seal to weaken so that they can be free to roam our world and hunt us down.

Natural Resources

  • Wood comes from the forest behind the community of Sitka Cove. Maple, pine, spruce, tamarack are the predominate species, but there are more.
  • Maple trees are tapped for a private syrup producer.
  • There is a mine north of the town that holds promise as a producer of diamonds

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