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QUACKS, or the "Quaint and Ardent Association for the Cultivation and Knowledge of the Sacred Duck", is a religious movement of the duckfolk that has also gained a lot of popularity among the gnomes and halflings. The group believes in the holy duck as a divine being and follows its teachings as a way to find inner peace and enlightenment.  
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The followers of QUACKS are known for their light-hearted approach to spirituality and often add humour to their religious practices. They hold playful ceremonies and offerings, always with a duck-themed twist. They also have a strong sense of community and often gather together to sing quacking hymns, meditate on the teachings of the holy duck, and enjoy a good meal together.  
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Despite the ridicule from some of the more serious-minded religions, QUACKS continues to grow in popularity, with thousands of followers from all over the Boresian continent. They even have their own sacred texts, which are filled with hilarious stories, jokes, and insights into the ways of the holy duck. Some of these are "Quackology: A Guide to the Sacred Duck", "The Waddle of the Holy One", and "Ducks of the Divine: A Collection of QUACK Prayers and Meditations".   Despite its lighthearted nature, QUACKS holds a deep reverence for the holy duck and seeks to spread its message of love, compassion, and joy to all who would listen. For the followers of QUACKS, their faith is not just a religion but a way of life filled with laughter, friendship, and a sense of purpose.  
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"One quack, one faith."

A world full of wonders.

Quack coins. Ten Quack equal a gold coin.
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