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6 Jun, 2021 21:04

I love the art! Hahaha, this is great. What a terrible way for that enchantment to backfire. XD

7 Jun, 2021 09:03

Teaches her to define enchantments more accurate next time... or rather ... made her drop out of wizards' school and go explore the world instead. What would we have missed if she had not gone... :D

9 Jun, 2021 07:46

I feel so sorry for Margot. XD And what a slythery way to learn not to go through your friend stuff. Good thing she created a vest and not a bathrobe. :]

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.
22 Aug, 2022 06:58

Well... there is a market for these kind of item... I guess!
XD I like it... but what says this about me?

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