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Geertruud Smallbottom

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female gnome (chaotic good), 120cm, 27kg, auburn hair, green eyes, pale skin
clumsy+4, gullible+3, curious+3, fearless+1
In Alana, a world both vast and wide,
There roams a gnome, with auburn hair so bright,
Geertruud Smallbottom, of courage and pride,
On journey, through lands both far and wide.

But, alas, poor Geertruud, hath not the grace,
To keep from misadventure, or mishap,
For she doth fall, into slimy mud, or chase,
Wriggly things, that cling, with teeth, so sharp.

And oft, in these mishaps, doth she disclose,
Bits of her attire, to all who pass,
And oft, she finds herself, in great distress,
With naught, to cover her, but mud and grass.

But, still, she roams, with courage and with heart,
For she hath promised, to see all the lands,
And bring back tales, of adventure, and of art,
To her dear friend, Margo Weedlebeam, her hands.

Thus, in this tale, of bravery, and of wit,
Do Geertruud roam, through lands, both wild and fair,
And through her mishaps, doth still acquit,
Herself, with grace, and courage, beyond compare.
  Many of the books and brochures about foreign countries, traditions, animals and plants available in Farenia are connected to one name: Geertruud Smallbottom. There is not a single bookstore or library in Farenia, that doesn't have a book or two of hers, or one of the maps. And all of them usually show signs of heavy use.   The travels of Geertruud Smallbottom:
  Starting her career as a magician, she soon got bored by all the theory and after some incidents, she quit her apprenticeship, packed her most important items into a leather bag and left Perelline for good with the next ship to Land's End on that same day. After exploring Shirki for some months, she contacted her friend Margo Weedlebeam in Perelline, to start a business for publishing books and maps.     Geertruud introduced the Words of Aziz to Farenia, which are now getting imported in large numbers for Queen's Day and other festivities.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Geertruud by ZeD (commission)
Geertruud is well endowed, but not aware of it, misjudging her attractiveness greatly or just too occupied by stumbling from one embarrassment into the next. Her appearance attracts more than she can cope with.

Facial Features

Despite being outside and in the sun a lot, she has pretty pale skin with a permanent blush on her face, it is unclear though if it is a bodily feature or a sign of the permanent embarrassment she is in due to all her mishaps.

Identifying Characteristics

Geertruud has a colourful body tattoo starting at the neck and going down to her ankles.

Physical quirks

When excited, she gets an intense hiccup.

Special abilities

Geertruud has the innate skill to get into trouble and embarrassing situations, many of them include damaging or losing some of her clothing. If there is a muddy puddle to fall in, she will be the first to do so.
  She has developed some expertise in plants and all things edible.

Apparel & Accessories

edited photo of a real dress by Tillerz

Geertruud is usually wearing knee-high brown leather boots, a knee-long red corset dress and a white blouse. Depending on the temperature, some things might come on or off.  

edited photo of a real backpack by Tillerz

Mental characteristics


Geertruud by Tillerz using MidJourney
Geertruud and Margo Weedlebeam started learning magic in the same year, classes included "Magic - The Basics", "Summoning 101" and "Potions". While Margo was always one of the best, Geertruud was on the lazy side and also inaccurate at executing spells. That already got her in trouble several times in those early years of her life. One advice she would give new magic scholars today: "Do not summon something that has more arms than you." and "Always wear your strongest knickers."


Geertruud is honorary chairwoman of the Perelline Society of Explorers and Finders of Ways, nominated by the Society in her absence for all her detailed maps and region and culture descriptions. She is also a member of the Guild of Cartographers, Mapmakers and Scribes. Her source of income is the business with Margo Weedlebeam.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Her published works contain:
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Butterflies
  • Apes of Calika - A Lustful Species
  • A Study of plants and herbs, and which ones you should avoid under any circumstances
  • Detailed mappe of Calika
  • Pigments of Faith - Religion in Calika
  • Never underestimate a dragon
  • Onehundredtwentyseven ways to make a decent tea without having actual tea
  • Starving To Death? Things You Thought Are Inedible
  • Running In Circles
  • The Underbelly of the Wild Lands (unpublished yet)
  • When North Is South - Finding Your Way Through A Desert

Failures & Embarrassments

Geertruud was known in her village for being a bit clumsy and often finding herself in embarrassing situations.  
  • When she and her best friend Margo were studying at the Arcany Academy, Geertuud stood up to go to the bathroom one day and opened the door to the small shared living room, not realising Margo and other students were sitting there bunched up, studying spells. As she stepped through the doorway, all eyes were instantly on Geertruud as she stood there completely nude. Everyone gasped with shock at the sight of her standing there, embarrassed and exposed.
  • Another time, Geertruud was out exploring when one of her shoes got stuck on a root sticking out of the ground. In an effort to free it, she yanked so hard that she ended up stripping off all of her clothing instead! With her clothing ripped, she frantically tried to cover herself with leaves until someone else came along and offered their help – much to everyone’s amusement.
  • One of the most mortifying incidents occurred when she was out with some friends at a local tavern. After a few too many drinks, Geertruud got involuntarily involved in an impromptu game of strip "Three Gnomes", which left her completely naked before the bar patrons - much to their amusement.
  • While walking through town on a hot summer day, Geertruud's foot slipped off one of the cobblestones, causing her to fall face first into a large mud puddle. Her friends couldn't help but laugh as they helped pull her from the muck, covered head-to-toe in sludge.
  • If there is one thing she regrets, then it is not refusing a present given to her by a tribe, which made her the spiritual guide of the tribe. Soon enough she found out this honour also included a tattoo from neck to ancles.
  These are just some examples of many embarrassing accidents that have befallen poor Geertruud over the years due to her clumsiness and lack of awareness when it comes to public spaces. Fortunately, these incidents never seem to dampen Geetruud's spirits or stop her from living life fully, which is something we can all admire about this brave little gnome.   More events around Geertruud can be found in her Travel Logs.  


Family Ties

Religious Views

She believes in what might be most useful in the current situation.


Geertruud is always referring to herself as "we" and "us". This gets especially annoying for others if it has to do with work. "We need to do this immediately!" Because in this case, she is addressing those other people to do the work. Many of them don't mind, as long as Geertruud is standing around, waiting, and looking pretty.


Geertruud Smallbottom

Writer (Important)

Towards Margo Weedlebeam



Margo Weedlebeam

Editor and Publisher (Important)

Towards Geertruud Smallbottom



Wealth & Financial state

Her parents started placing all the earnings from the books and maps in Geetruud's room, which looks like a treasure cave by now. If a large enough number of coins makes a heap of gold to become sentient, her room would be the first place where this happens.

Plot Hooks

Lost - There has been no message from Geertruud for three months, whereas she has sent pages and maps every month to Margo (her editor) before. The last message from Geertruud arrived from Bonoloku with her next target location being the Wild Lands.   Rumblings - Strange things are happening since a small wooden box from Geertruud arrived at her parents' house. The box says, "Do not open under any circumstances!!!" Geertruud's parents are looking for some investigators to find out. This could lead into some "Jumanji" game interlude where everyone is playing someone else. As the box is in the room with all the gold, only trustworthy people will get hired, so the PCs will get this job only if they have done noteworthy things before, eg. helping Margo.
Divine Classification
People watching her might title her Goddess of Mishap.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2620 PB 245 Years old
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Found it! ... whoops, now it's gone again."   "We've been here already, right? Twice, or more often?"   "Ouch, this stings. A lot."   *sigh* "Ripped it once more!"
Known Languages
Farenian, gnomish, she can also communicate with the inhabitants of all visited regions at least on a basic level.
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