Travel Log: Han

Note: this article is a work in progress.

The Bet

Ojiro (Han), day 15 to 17 - Locals had told us stories about the Orochi, a giant eight-headed dragon. So we travelled northeast to see it. Finally, we arrived at a big lake where it was supposed to be. There sat an elderly man with a long white beard, wearing a straw hat and playing a wooden flute. When he had finished his fine melody, he greeted us warmly and said: "If you can reach that small group of trees over there and come back while the melody is still playing, this stone is all yours." - He held up an almost fist-sized sphere of jade. - "If you cannot, you have to spend a night with me." - We willingly accepted, as we were sure to win, having heard the melody and measured the distance to the trees.   When we were preparing to run, the old man grinned, played three tunes and then broke the flute in two and said: "You have lost, you won't make it back while the melody is still playing."   The next morning the old man left with evil laughter, transformed into a giant eight-headed dragon and flew away.   -- G. Smallbottom, Never underestimate a dragon   Backlink: Geertruud Smallbottom  
Drawing of the dragon


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15 Sep, 2022 08:10

That's an evil master mind at work ^^   I assume the drawing of the dragon is just one of his eight heads.

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