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Travel Log: Han

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A world full of wonders.

A Walk In the Park

Mo-Lung (Han), day 3 - One day we were out for a walk in a local park when we tripped over a root and tumbled down an embankment, losing all of our clothes in the process! As luck would have it, there were several people nearby who witnessed the whole thing. Needless to say, we were completely embarrassed as we scrambled to cover ourselves before anyone else got close enough to see anything.  
Mo-Lung Park by Tillerz using MidJourney
Mo-Lung (Han), day 22 - On another occasion, we were visiting friends for dinner when one of them accidentally knocked over a tray that held several plates and utensils. In the ensuing chaos, our dress caught on something and tore off in front of everyone present! Poor us tried desperately not to show how mortified we felt by this incident, but unfortunately we failed miserably – much to everyone’s amusement (and some embarrassment).   Mo-Lung (Han), day 23 - Finally, while shopping with the same friends in the merchant district one day, they decided they wanted to eat for lunch, so they stopped into a food parlor, only for poor Geertruud’s top strap to break as soon as they stepped inside and scraped along a hook of the door curtain! The straps came undone, leaving her exposed from the chest up - right there in public view! This time around, though, nobody laughed or made fun; instead, they all quickly rushed over with jackets and scarves, trying their best to cover up the poor, half-naked little gnome before any real damage could be done (at least not more than what had already been done!).   -- G. Smallbottom, We got stung in Mo-Lung   Backlink: Geertruud Smallbottom

The Bet

Ojiro (Han), day 15 to 17 - Locals had told us stories about a dragon king, a giant colourful dragon. So we travelled northeast to see it. Finally, we arrived at a big lake where it was supposed to be. There sat an elderly man with a long white beard, wearing a straw hat and playing a wooden flute. When he had finished his fine melody, he greeted us warmly and said: "If you can reach that small group of trees over there and come back while the melody is still playing, this stone is all yours." - He held up an almost fist-sized sphere of jade. - "If you cannot, you have to spend a night with me." - We willingly accepted, as we were sure to win, having heard the melody and measured the distance to the trees.   When we were preparing to run, the old man grinned, played three tunes and then broke the flute in two and said: "You have lost, you won't make it back while the melody is still playing."   The next morning the old man left with evil laughter, transformed into a giant dragon and vanished in the depths of the lake.   -- G. Smallbottom, Never underestimate a dragon   Backlink: Geertruud Smallbottom
Drawing of the dragon by Tillerz using MidJourney


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