Travel Log: Wild Lands

Note: this article is a work in progress.

Mount Shushroar

Mount Shushroar, Wild Lands, day 1 - While exploring the steaming flanks of Mount Shushroar, we accidentally found a huge system of caves underneath, by falling into a hole that was hidden in the shadows of some rocks. We are calling it "The Downbelow".   Be aware that all the volcanic rocks are quite sharp and you can totally rip your precious clothing if you brush along them.   -- G. Smallbottom, The Underbelly of the Wild Lands   Backlink: The Downbelow

The Downbelow

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15 Sep, 2022 08:14

Vile creatures this tentacles. Dear Ms. Smallbottom surely has a gift for stumpling in quite... interesting places ;)

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