Travel Logs of Geertruud Smallbottom

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Geertruud Smallbottom is keeping a journal as she makes her way through the various regions of Alana. In it, she is recording any and all of the information that she comes across, including the peculiar occurrences that are taking place, the fascinating people she encounters, the outrageous rituals she sees, as well as any  detail about new plants, animals, and rocks that she comes across. Additionally, she illustrates each segment with a few doodles and adds her personal remarks to every scientific entry she makes.
Throughout the day, she records entries into a little ledger that she keeps with her in a small belt pouch. In the evening, as she is getting ready for the nightly rest, she transcribes everything into a big ledger that has a thick and intricate binding.
She does not need to purchase any new books, quills, ink, or containers for the gathered samples because her backpack, which is a bag of holding, has a significant quantity of each of those objects.
These books are being filled up very quickly, and approximately every month, when she travels to the next major settlement, she sends a completed book as well as a selection of specimens collected, other documents, and jewellery back to Margo Wheedlebeam in Perelline for publishing. This process takes place when she moves on to the next major settlement.

Secrets: The Travel Logs

These volumes have been crafted with Geetruud in mind from the very beginning.
Geertruud is able to recall all of the specifics of what she jotted down in a brief in the little ledger because of Margo's added enchantments. Geertruud would prefer to forget some of the humiliating things that have happened to her, but the matching quill (which never runs out of ink) also retrieves information from Geertruud's memories concerning those events. In this manner, all of the juicy specifics are included in the travel records as well.
Journal, Personal


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