Fananu Alfajr

Artists of the Dawn is a group of acrobats, dancers and musicians travelling through Calika, entertaining people throughout the year. They travel through the country on camels and set up their tents outside of all cities and major villages for about a week.  
Calika, day 7 to 10 - We met a small troupe travelling through Calika and entertaining people. They had many interesting stories to tell about their land and their people, their wars and their gods. At some point they asked us if we could help them out, their dancer wasn't well and people were excited and waiting to see the dance. They showed us how to do it, it wasn't too complicated at all.
We already wondered about the excitement for the dance. What they didn't tell us: the outfit was skimpy, even barely there. It also included a big snake we had to carry around our arms! The snake was not well-behaving, so we had to fight permanently to stay inside the dress, which was not really possible with the snake slithering in and out and around the dress.   -- G. Smallbottom, When North Is South - Finding Your Way Through A Desert


The group of about twenty artists is led by Jussef, no one is ever contesting his decisions.

Public Agenda

The troupe is entertaining people in many ways:  
  • Acrobatics
  • Dagger Throwing
  • Dancing: Dancing with Torches, Belly Dancing, Sable Dance, Snake Dance
  • Juggling with balls, daggers, scimitars and burning torches
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Spear Throwing
  • Storytelling
  They know all the traditional songs, dances and stories and keep their knowledge alive.


All the belongings of the group are mobile and can be packed onto camels. The largest pieces of equipment include baskets with clothing or groceries, carpets, tents and all the props used for entertaining: instruments, ropes, scimitars, spears, bows, daggers and torches.

This is DM information!
  Apart from being artists and spies, the members of the Fananu Alfajr also acquire items, when getting paid for (often in information). They have set some rules for themselves: stealing only from rich people, never steal at a location the troupe is currently at.

Plot Hooks

Let's be friends - The troupe is collecting information about everything and they are pretty aware of Anuka building an army. They keep their knowledge a secret, except someone actually earned their trust...   Jussef here, Jussef there ... - ... Jussef is just everywhere. The group of twenty is actually seven groups of twenty, all of them coordinating their routes to not overlap. Whichever of the groups you meet, Jussef is there.
Founding Date
Entertainment, Troupe
Notable Members

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