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Cards that matter

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Note: the cards have been made with different AI tools and some editing in Affinity Photo.
Margo Weedlebeam is a renowned mage and the owner of Tentacle Press, a successful printing store located in the bustling city of Bridgeport. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds the time to give back to the community, using her magic and expertise to create something truly unique: "Cards that matter".   Margo and the team at the Gnome Workshop work tirelessly to produce stunning cards featuring members of the society, each one a work of art in its own right. These cards are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, and the limited edition nature of each run only adds to their appeal. They feature a fancy border and are printed with high-quality waterproof ink.   However, these cards aren't just a money-making scheme. Margo and the Gnome Workshop team only choose members who are willing to volunteer their images for a good cause. A big chunk of the proceeds from each sale go towards a variety of charitable initiatives, from supporting an orphanage to helping out struggling families.   Margo has teamed up with Cilla from Cilla's Costumes and Gadgets to provide some fancy outfits for those who want to dress up a bit or who want to disguise their economic status.   A few of the volunteers even gave their unqualified consent to be photographed multiple times, even though it required them to continuously switch costumes. A number of them went as far as showing up at other areas where Margo was taking shots only to pose once more for the Gnomish Image Focalizer.   Margo may or may not have snapped a few photos of helpless people when they got into a situation of personal embarrassment (sometimes triggering this by letting the person pose on a slippery rock near a pond). These shots are transformed into unique cards of the highest rarity and auctioned off at an Honourable Men event.  
YOU CAN GET A COLLECTIBLE CARD, TOO!   Tell us where you donated to and how much (or show us the receipt)
and we will make a Collectible Card for you, too!   Margo Weedlebeam, Tentacle Press, Perelline     (I mean it: dm me and I will make a card for you. Tell me about the desired content. It won't get published if you wish so. -- Tillerz)
  But not everyone is happy about their image being used in such a public way, after thinking about it for a day or two. Some society members are urgently seeking ways to get their own cards back and out of circulation, especially if their portraits contain sensitive or spicy content. But that only helps the good cause: every resale is connected with a payment of 50% towards the good cause once more.   Undeterred, Margo is always thinking of ways to make the next set of cards even more captivating, with new features and surprises to keep collectors coming back for more. And with each sale, the Gnome Workshop and the members of the society are making a real difference in the lives of those in need.  

Gnomius Imprimatur 2000

  The Gnomius Imprimatur 2000 is a state-of-the-art printing press, designed and manufactured by the Gnome Workshop. It is an advanced version of the original printing press, with additional features that make it capable of producing the special collectible cards.   Unlike the previous model, the Gnomius Imprimatur 2000 has the ability to cut out the cards as well, streamlining the production process and reducing the need for manual labor. The device is equipped with an array of precision cutting blades that can be adjusted to the exact size and shape of the cards.   In addition to its advanced printing and cutting capabilities, the Gnomius Imprimatur 2000 is also outfitted with a sophisticated monitoring system that ensures the quality and consistency of each card. The system checks for any errors or imperfections in the printing or cutting process, and makes real-time adjustments to maintain the highest level of accuracy and precision.  
Gnomius Imprimatur 2000 by Tillerz using MidJourney
  The Gnomius Imprimatur 2000 is a true masterpiece of gnomish engineering, and is highly coveted by printing enthusiasts and collectors alike. Its unparalleled printing and cutting capabilities make it the perfect tool for producing the special collectible cards, and its advanced monitoring system ensures that every card is a work of art.  

Gnomish Image Focalizer (GIF)

  The gnomes of Gnome Workshop didn't just help Margo with her printing press, they also invented a device that could capture the likeness of a person or object with incredible detail. The device is small and portable, and can be adjusted to focus on a particular subject. Once the focus is set, the device will create an image of the subject in great detail, capturing every curve and contour with precision.   However, the gnomes did warn Margo that the device has its limitations. Anything outside the focus area would be only roughly approximated, and the further from the center of focus, the less detail would be captured. This made it somewhat challenging to get a clear image of a larger subject, but for smaller items or people, the device worked like a charm.  
Gnomish Image Focalizer by Tillerz using MidJourney
  Margo was thrilled with the device and began using it to create even more detailed and lifelike cards. With the new device, she was able to capture the likenesses of society members in even greater detail, adding a new level of authenticity to the cards. The gadget also opened up a new world of possibilities for Margo, who started to consider using it for other projects beyond just the collectible cards.   The gnomes of Gnome Workshop were pleased to have helped Margo once again, and were already hard at work on new inventions that could further enhance the printing process. With their help, Margo was becoming a true master of the printing craft, and the collectible cards that she created were in high demand among collectors and society members alike.  

Collectible Card Sets

  The first set of cards is featuring the "Maidens in the Woods". It showcases various women Margo encountered while travelling through the nearby woods. The women depicted include farmers, wood collectors, travellers, and even witches. Each card is beautifully illustrated with a portrait of the woman and a brief description on the back. The cards have become wildly popular among collectors.  

Maidens in the woods #1

    The "Maidens in the Woods" set has been a resounding success for Margo and her printing press, and she is already planning the next set of collectible cards. Some ideas are: Librarians, Nuns and priests, Students testing the limits, Creatures of the night, I think you forgot something, Witches, and Royal Rumble.  
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Mechanics & Inner Workings

The cards are printed with waterproof ink onto a heavy paper. Front and back are framed by a beautiful border, showing the name of the set and the rarity of the card. The front sports a colourful image, the back has a short description of the person. Name and whereabouts are usually left out.

Manufacturing process

The cards bear the mark of Gnomius Imprimatur 2000, each meticulously imprinted on substantial sheets of heavy paper. The intricate machine oversees the printing, sealing, and cutting of the cards, with only a singular opportunity for error: the crucial moment when the paper must be flipped to imprint the card backs. Within Margo's collection, a handful of sheets display cards with backs printed in an inverted fashion, while others sport backs that have been rotated by a perplexing 90 degrees, their alignment with the card fronts utterly mismatched. She contemplates the prospect of marketing these as distinct, one-of-a-kind "flawed prints" at a later date, envisioning potential exorbitant prices they could fetch from collectors.
Item type
Trade/Manufactured good
For every print of 100 commons there is one rare card.
8cm x 8cm
Base Price
Common card: 5 copper and up. Rare: 1 gold and up

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