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The fae of Mag Mell are ethereal beings of enchantment and wonder. They inhabit the mystical realm with its ever-shifting landscapes, hidden groves, and shimmering glens. The fae are a diverse group, comprising a multitude of magical beings, from mischievous pixies and graceful sylphs to noble sidhe and wild satyrs. They are deeply connected to the natural world and possess an innate affinity for the forces of nature, able to command the elements and weave intricate spells.   The fae embody both light and darkness, embodying the beauty and capriciousness of the natural world. They are known for their breathtaking beauty, adorned with vibrant and luminescent features, such as iridescent wings, radiant skin, and luminous eyes. Each fae possesses their unique talents and abilities, reflecting their role within the intricate tapestry of Mag Mell.  
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  In their society, the fae are guided by ancient traditions and customs, with the Summer Court and Winter Court ruling over different aspects of the realm. The Summer Court, led by the Fae Queen Titania, embodies vitality, growth, and warmth, while the Winter Court, ruled by King Oberon, represents the tranquility, reflection, and the passage of time. These courts, along with other factions like the Wild Hunt, navigate the delicate balance of power within the realm. There is also a group called the Midsummer Night People (see Mag Mell).   However, the fae are not without their flaws and complexities. They are known for their mercurial nature, prone to capriciousness and unpredictable emotions. Their whimsical behavior can range from playful mischief to vengeful pranks. Additionally, the fae hold ancient secrets, guarded with great care, which can entice or ensnare those who seek their knowledge.   Despite their enigmatic nature, the fae are deeply connected to the natural world and play a vital role in its preservation. They protect the sacred places, tend to the magical creatures, and maintain the delicate harmony of Mag Mell. Through their magic, beauty, and enchantment, the fae bring an otherworldly presence to the realm, forever entwined with the mystique and allure of the fae.   The fae include:  
  • Banshees: Wailing spirits who foretell impending death or disaster with their mournful cries.
  • Blurkers: Shadow-dwelling fae that can blend into darkness and manipulate shadows.
  • Bogeys: Mysterious and shapeshifting fae creatures, often associated with night and darkness.
  • Brown Men: Mysterious and reclusive forest-dwelling fae beings often associated with wisdom and nature.
  • Brownies: Helpful and mischievous household spirits known for tidying up and performing small tasks.
  • Dark Elves: see Wild Hunt
  • Dazzloncats
  • Dryads: Nature spirits bound to trees, embodying the essence of forests.
  • Faebirds
  • Grindlings: Trickster fae known for their mischievous pranks and penchant for causing trouble.
  • Imps: Small, impish creatures known for their mischievous behavior and penchant for causing trouble.
  • Kelpies: Shapeshifting water spirits that often appear as horses and lure unsuspecting victims into the water.
  • Leshy: Forest spirits that appear as tall, humanoid figures covered in leaves and moss, protecting the natural world.
  • Nymphs: Enchanting spirits of nature, associated with various elements like water, trees, and mountains.
  • Pixies: Tiny, mischievous fae creatures known for their playful nature and magical abilities.
  • Pookas: Shapeshifting fae creatures that often take the form of mischievous animals, tricking and playing pranks on humans.
  • Pseudodragons
  • Redcaps: Bloodthirsty and malevolent fae creatures known for their red hats and their propensity for violence.
  • Satyrs / Fauns: Half-human, half-goat creatures with a love for revelry, music, and nature.
  • Selkies: Shapeshifting fae creatures that can transform from seals into humans and are often associated with the sea.
  • Sprites: Ethereal and elusive fae beings, often associated with light and air.
  • Spunkies: Energetic and mischievous fae spirits, often associated with water and aquatic environments.
  • Sylphs: Air elementals with graceful forms, capable of manipulating wind and weather.
  • Treants: Towering and ancient tree-like creatures that embody the spirit of the forest, with bark-like skin and the ability to manipulate and commune with plants.
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  • The Fae possess the ability to manipulate the progression of time within their realm, causing hours to feel like mere minutes or stretching a moment into eternity.
  • The Fae possess the knowledge of powerful spells and enchantments that can alter reality, but they guard this ancient magic closely, revealing it only to the most trusted individuals.
  • The Fae have the ability to bestow incredible luck or misfortune upon mortals, shaping their fate with a simple touch, whispered word, or item they give or attach to the mortal.
  • The Fae possess a secret language known as the "Whispering Tongue," a melodic and enchanting dialect that allows them to communicate without being understood by outsiders.
  • The Fae have an affinity for illusions, able to create intricate and realistic illusions to confuse and disorient their enemies or to create breathtakingly beautiful landscapes within their realm.
  • The Fae possess the power to manipulate dreams, allowing them to enter the dreams of mortals, shaping and influencing their subconscious minds. Some of them also visit the Dream City of Oon frequently.
  • The Fae are bound by ancient oaths and contracts, and breaking such agreements carries severe consequences, often resulting in the loss of magic or banishment from the Fae Realm, which happened to the Elves.
Genetic Descendants
500 years (when staying in Mag Mell)
Geographic Distribution

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