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Life within the Wild Hunt is a perpetual dance of vigilance and action, as they fulfil their duties as the protectors of Mag Mell. The tenacious Creiddylad is the leader of the Wild Hunt, a group of individuals who dedicate their lives to patrolling the realm and preserving its delicate balance. With keen senses and astute awareness, they navigate the enchanted landscapes, ever watchful for signs of intrusion or disturbance.   Their patrols take them through the vast and diverse terrains of Mag Mell, from the icy valleys surrounding the realm to the Hills of Fire, from the whispering forests to the orange glowing Amber Fields, laying out cunning traps and enchantments to thwart the creatures of the insidious Shadow Court. These traps, carefully crafted and infused with fae magic, serve as a deterrent against the encroaching darkness and a means to safeguard the sanctity of their home.   In addition to their defensive endeavours, the Wild Hunt also ventures forth in pursuit of sustenance. Their skilled hunters, attuned to the rhythms of the natural world, track and hunt creatures that roam the realm, ensuring their provisions and sustenance. They rely on their intimate knowledge of the land, its resources, and the behaviour of its denizens to secure the nourishment needed for their continued existence.  
Hayatin Bahari by Tillerz using MidJourney
  Uninvited intruders are met with swift retribution, as the Wild Hunt is relentless in tracking down and evicting those who dare trespass into their sacred realm. Rarely, intruders are brought before Oberon or Titania for a decision. With stealth and precision, they employ their expertise in combat and tactical manoeuvring to neutralise any threats that jeopardise the peace of Mag Mell.   Amidst their ceaseless endeavours, the members of the Wild Hunt find solace and purpose in their unyielding dedication to their mission. Their bond is forged through shared experiences; their spirits are intertwined with the very essence of the fae realm they strive to protect. Through their tireless efforts, the Wild Hunt becomes the living embodiment of the eternal struggle between light and shadow within the enchanted lands of Mag Mell.


Perched high above the lush canopies of Mag Mell, the Wild Hunt has established three hidden settlements, nestled among the towering branches of colossal trees. These arboreal sanctuaries, shrouded in enchantment and concealed from prying eyes, serve as both homes and strategic vantage points for the members of the Wild Hunt.  
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  The first settlement, known as Kislik, sits close to Oberon's castle. From their lofty abode, the dark elves have a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape, allowing them to monitor the ebb and flow of life within Mag Mell.   The second settlement is called Hayatin Bahari and finds its place north of Titania's Summer Court residence. Bathed in the gentle radiance of sunlight filtering through the translucent leaves, the members of the Wild Hunt here revel in the beauty and tranquility of their surroundings. A giant tree, the Cinnada Mara, known for its majestic and vibrant foliage, symbolises hope and renewal, serving as a testament to the resilience and unwavering spirit of the Wild Hunt.     The third settlement, known as Nida Sibirath, lies close to the Shadow Court, nestled on top of some rocky hills. Here, the dark elves, steadfast in their devotion to the protection of their realm, dwell amidst the shadows and whispers of the forest. With their keen eyes and innate affinity for the darkness, they stand as sentinels against any threat that might emerge from the depths of the Shadow Court.  
Nida Sibirath by Tillerz using MidJourney
  In these hidden settlements, the Wild Hunt finds refuge and camaraderie. The dwellings are intricately woven into the natural architecture of the trees, seamlessly blending with the environment. Elaborate walkways and platforms connect the dwellings, forming a network of pathways that wind through the sprawling branches, offering swift and silent passage for the inhabitants.   Within these treetop settlements, the members of the Wild Hunt forge strong bonds with one another, guided by their shared purpose and unwavering dedication to the protection of Mag Mell. Their lives are intertwined with the pulsating heartbeat of the fae realm, as they stand as steadfast guardians, hidden among the branches, ready to defend their home from any encroaching darkness.


The Wild Hunt, a faction of noble and courageous warriors, stands as a beacon of protection in the fae realm of Mag Mell. Led by the fierce and determined Creiddylad, the Wild Hunt is comprised of various fae creatures, including the dark elves who chose to stay behind after the banishment of elves. Their purpose is to safeguard the delicate balance of the realm and defend it against external and internal threats.   However, the Wild Hunt also harbours a longing and a bitterness within their hearts. Once, the Wild Hunt included all elves, both light and dark, who roamed the enchanted lands of Mag Mell freely. But the arrogance and demands of the elves became too much for Oberon and Titania to bear, leading to their exile from the realm. The elves were forced to seek refuge in Alana, while the dark elves remained to protect their ancestral home.   Despite their banishment, the elves yearn to return to the lands they once called their own. Disgruntled and seeking a way back to Mag Mell, some elves have even resorted to contacting the elusive Spider Queen, who offers them a perilous path to regain their lost realm. However, the cost of this alliance remains high, as the Spider Queen's demands may lead the elves down a treacherous path of darkness and corruption.

Demography and Population

Mag Mell may seem small, but its forests are magically turning and twisting through the realm, offering a home to more than 30,000 tribe members of the Wild Hunt. The children and the old are kept outside of the three camps, hidden deep in the forests where no outsider can find them. There are only ever a few dozen tribe members visible to outsiders at any given time.


The members of the Wild Hunt roam the whole realm, but they enter Titania's or Oberon's castle only if they are asked to or bring in a message or a captured intruder. They avoid The Origin as well as the deeper areas inside the Shadow Court, they also never leave the realm except Titania or Oberon orders them to.


Every member of the Wild Hunt is training combat, using daggers, a spear, a bow, a slingshort. Everyone also learns how to set up various traps. In case of a fight a frontal attack almost never occurs, the Wild Hunt uses all advantages their surroundings offer them, luring opponents into traps or separate them from their group.

Protectors of the realm,
defenders of balance.

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Dark elves.
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