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Summer Court

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The Summer Court, under the rule of the Fae Queen Titania, represents the realms of spring and summer. It is a realm of warmth, light, vibrant colours, and the blossoming life of lush meadows, rivers, and lakes. Titania's court thrives on the joyous energy of the season, where nature flourishes and the fae folk revel in the bounties of the land. With her grace and radiance, Titania brings forth the essence of spring and summer, guiding the court with her wisdom and nurturing spirit.  
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Queen of the Fae

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The Queen of the Fae reigns supreme over the Summer Court, her influence extending across the vast realm of Mag Mell. Beside her stands Oberon, the King of the Fae, tending to specific aspects of life within this enchanting land. Together, they embody the harmonious balance that governs the fae, guiding their people with wisdom and grace.

Council of Elders

  The Council of Elders comprises seven esteemed members, each lending their wisdom and guidance to the Queen of the Fae. They not only offer advice and support but also oversee specific aspects of court management, ensuring the smooth functioning of the fae realm. Each Elder is entrusted with a distinct area of responsibility, ranging from diplomatic affairs to magical governance, from natural preservation to cultural heritage, and from security and defense to the welfare of the fae citizens. Together, they form a harmonious alliance, nurturing and upholding the various facets of the court, ensuring the flourishing of the fae realm under the Queen's rule.  


Circle of Magic: Tasked with overseeing the practice and regulation of magical arts within the fae realm, this Elder ensures the preservation of magical knowledge, the training of young fae in the arcane arts, and the safeguarding of magical artifacts.
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Provisioning: This Elder is in charge of ensuring the provision of essential resources for the fae realm, such as food, water, and other necessities. They oversee the cultivation of enchanted gardens, the management of sacred groves, and the preservation of natural resources.


Trade: Tasked with overseeing the economic aspects of the fae realm, this Elder manages trade relations, commerce, and the exchange of goods with other realms. They foster prosperity by ensuring fair trade practices and equitable distribution of resources.
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Defense and Security: This Elder is responsible for the protection and security of the fae realm. They oversee the training of the fae guard, the management of magical barriers, and the strategic planning and defense against external threats to ensure the safety of the fae citizens. Lysandra is closely working with the Wild Hunt.


Diplomatic Corps: This Elder oversees diplomatic relations with neighboring realms, forging alliances, negotiating treaties, and maintaining peaceful interactions with other fae courts and mortal kingdoms.
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Holidays and Celebrations: Responsible for organizing and overseeing festivals, ceremonies, and important celebrations within the fae realm. This Elder ensures that the traditions and cultural heritage of the fae are upheld, fostering unity and joy among the fae citizens.


Court Internal Management: Responsible for the internal affairs of the court, this Elder ensures the efficient administration of the fae realm, overseeing matters such as law enforcement, governance, and the maintenance of court traditions and protocols.
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Geopolitical, County / March
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Monarchy, Absolute
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Forbidden Love: Among the Council of Elders, a secret love affair has been whispered about for centuries. Two esteemed members, known for their wisdom and grace, have forged a clandestine bond that defies the boundaries of their positions. Keeping their love hidden from prying eyes, their forbidden romance is a delicate balance of duty and desire.   Lost Relics: Deep within the endless halls of the Fae Queen's castle, a hidden vault safeguards ancient relics of immense power. These artifacts, long forgotten by the fae, hold secrets and abilities that could tip the scales of power within the realm. Only the Elders have access to this trove of forgotten magic, and the true extent of their knowledge remains a closely guarded secret.   Veiled Alliances: While the Council of Elders portrays an image of unity and collaboration, whispers persist of secret factions and rivalries within their ranks. It is believed that certain Elders harbor ulterior motives and clandestine alliances, maneuvering behind the scenes to further their own agendas for the occasion that the realm is in search of a new Queen.   The Lost Elder: Legends speak of an enigmatic Elder who vanished mysteriously, leaving behind only fragmented records and whispered rumors. Some believe this missing Elder discovered a hidden truth that posed a threat to the very fabric of the fae realm, while others suspect a tragic fate befell them. The truth of their disappearance remains shrouded in mystery.   The Shrouded Envoys: Within the Diplomatic Corps, there exists a clandestine group known as "The Shrouded Envoys." This secret faction operates in the shadows, utilizing covert methods to gather information and manipulate diplomatic negotiations to further the fae realm's interests.   Chamber of Whispers: The Elder overseeing Court Internal Management holds a hidden chamber known as the "Chamber of Whispers." This secluded space acts as a hub for confidential meetings, where influential court members discuss matters beyond the public eye, making decisions that shape the fate of the realm.   The Arcane Codex: Deep within the archives of the Circle of Magic lies a forbidden section known as the "Arcane Codex." This collection contains forbidden spells and ancient rituals, carefully guarded by the Elder to prevent misuse. Rumors suggest that some Elders have delved into the darker depths of magic, seeking forbidden knowledge.   Bountiful Nexus: The Elder in charge of Provisioning guards a concealed vault called the "Bountiful Nexus." Within this hidden sanctuary, rare and magical plants, seeds, and ingredients are stored, safeguarded from those who would exploit their power for nefarious purposes. The true extent of the vault's contents remains a closely guarded secret.   Chrono Amulet: The Elder responsible for overseeing holidays and celebrations possesses the ability to manipulate time through a hidden artifact known as the "Chrono Amulet." With this powerful item, they can extend or shorten festivities, ensuring that each event flows seamlessly and that no moment is ever forgotten. The Amulet is not actually manipulating time but how people perceive it.   Sanctum of Shadows: Unbeknownst to many, the Defense and Security Elder possesses a hidden sanctuary known as the "Sanctum of Shadows." Here, ancient scrolls and artifacts containing forgotten combat techniques and defensive spells are stored, offering the Elder and their trusted allies an edge in protecting the realm. The use of these items and techniques is highly dangerous, though. That is why they will only be used as a last resort. The current Defense and Security Elder has lately discussed this matter with the Queen of Fae, as the Spider Queen is a serious threat to the realm.

Plot Hooks

The Betrayal Within: A trusted member of the Council of Elders is suspected of treason, plotting to overthrow the Fae Queen and seize power for themselves. The players are tasked with uncovering the traitor's identity, navigating a web of political schemes, and preventing a dangerous coup that could plunge the Summer Court into chaos.   The Mysterious Illness: The fae seem to lose their capability to take on a young and fresh look, older fae show signs of grey hair and wrinkles, which has never been the case before. They are also increasingly tired and sleepy. The Council of Elders is desperate to find the cause and a cure for it. The players are sent on a quest to find out what is happening and then retrieve a rare and magical ingredient from a dangerous and distant realm.   The Stolen Memories: The Fae Queen wakes one morning to find her memories mysteriously stolen. The Council of Elders tasks the players with unraveling the enigma behind the memory theft, venturing into forgotten realms and facing formidable magical beings. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they discover a plot to erase the Queen's entire existence and rewrite fae history.

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