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Queen of the Fae

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  The illustrious title of "Queen of the Fae" holds immense significance within Mag Mell, the realm of the fae, and belongs exclusively to the ruler of the revered Summer Court. When the current Queen's reign concludes, whether through death or abdication, an intriguing tradition unfolds. Any member of the Summer Court, regardless of their stature or origin, possesses the extraordinary opportunity to claim the title of the new Queen.     In this extraordinary succession process, contenders can step forward and present their claim to the crown. Should their request go uncontested, the aspiring fae assumes the mantle of the Queen, inheriting not only the vast powers but also the well-guarded secrets and ancient knowledge held by her predecessor. Astonishingly, even a diminutive pixie can assert her right to the title, demonstrating the remarkable egalitarian nature of fae society.   As the new Queen ascends to her esteemed position, a captivating transformation occurs. The essence of her predecessor permeates her being, compelling her to assume the very visage and form of the previous Queen. This mystifying metamorphosis imparts an ethereal longevity to the Queen's reign; to the untrained eye, it appears as though the same immortal ruler continues to guide the fae realm. However, beneath the regal facade, the true identity and individuality of each Queen may vary, shrouding the realm in an enchanting tapestry of hidden personas.  

Fae Contest

  When the time comes for the selection of a new Queen of the Fae, the realm of the Summer Court occasionally finds itself in a state of delightful chaos and fervent competition. In the rare instance when multiple candidates step forward, each with a burning desire to claim the coveted title, a grand event known as the Fae Contest ensues.   The Fae Contest is a spectacle that captures the attention of the entire Summer Court as well as curious onlookers from across the fae realm. It is a grand gathering of beauty, magic, and skill, where the aspiring contenders showcase their unique talents and vie for the favour of the court and the hearts of the fae. The contest encompasses various trials, tests of wit, displays of enchantment, and demonstrations of leadership.   Under the watchful eyes of the esteemed elders and courtiers, the candidates are put to the ultimate tests of courage, wisdom, and charisma. They must navigate treacherous mystical labyrinths, solve intricate riddles, and engage in thrilling magical duels, all while captivating the hearts and minds of the Summer Court. It is a battle of both brawn and intellect, a competition where prowess in magic and diplomacy go hand in hand.   As the contest unfolds, the Summer Court eagerly awaits the emergence of a frontrunner - the one who captures the essence of the fae realm and embodies the ideals of the court. The Council of Elders leads the courtiers in a process of elimination and a careful evaluation of each candidate's merits before they debate and cast their votes. It is a decision of immense weight, as the chosen Queen will shape the future of the Summer Court and guide the fae realm through times of joy and adversity.  
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  In the event of a tie or a closely contested outcome, the fae tradition dictates that a period of reflection and negotiation ensue. The candidates are given the opportunity to present their case before the court, engaging in spirited debates and diplomatic discourse. The courtiers, acting as mediators, seek common ground and forge alliances, aiming to find a harmonious resolution that upholds the principles of the Summer Court.   Ultimately, a consensus must be reached, whether through compromise, an agreement for shared rule, or even a ceremonial duel to determine the victor. The Summer Court understands the importance of unity and stability, and so, despite the intense competition, the candidates are encouraged to find common purpose and forge bonds that will strengthen the realm.   The culmination of the Fae Contest is a moment of anticipation and revelation as the courtiers unveil the name of the newly crowned Queen of the Fae. The chosen one, adorned with the regal mantle and radiating the wisdom and grace of her predecessors, steps forward to accept the mantle of leadership and embark on a journey that will shape the destiny of the Summer Court and the fae realm.


  The Fae Queen bears the timeless name, Titania. Whenever a fae ascends to the throne, she assumes the appearance and identity of Titania, embracing the weight of this noble role and inheriting the wisdom of her predecessor. Close companions of the former queen or those who have witnessed the transition may perceive subtle nuances in certain aspects of the new queen's demeanor, hinting at the individuality that lies beneath the regal facade.


As the Queen of the Fae in Mag Mell, the ruler of the Summer Court bears great responsibility and holds a position of utmost importance within the realm. With the title comes a multitude of duties and obligations that are carried out with grace, wisdom, and a deep understanding of the fae realm's delicate balance.   First and foremost, the Fae Queen serves as the embodiment of leadership and guidance for the Summer Court. She is the supreme authority, revered and respected by her subjects, and trusted with ensuring the welfare and prosperity of the fae realm. Her role extends beyond mere governance, as she is seen as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the essence of the fae and representing their ideals and values.   One of the primary responsibilities of the Fae Queen is to maintain harmony and balance within Mag Mell. She acts as a mediator and arbiter in disputes, ensuring fair resolutions and promoting peace among the fae. With her innate wisdom and diplomatic prowess, she fosters unity and cooperation among the various fae factions, fostering a sense of shared purpose and collective well-being.
The Queen's influence is felt not only within the Summer Court but also in the broader fae realm. She represents the interests of the fae in dealings with other supernatural beings, forging alliances and negotiating treaties that safeguard the fae's rights and preserve the delicate equilibrium between realms. Her diplomatic skills are vital in navigating the intricate web of relationships that exist between the fae and other magical beings.   Furthermore, the Fae Queen is the custodian of ancient fae traditions and knowledge. She is the guardian of the realm's lore, its sacred rituals, and the mystical secrets that have been passed down through generations. She ensures the preservation of cultural heritage and encourages the flourishing of arts, music, and enchantment that define the fae realm's vibrant essence.
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Accoutrements & Equipment

With the acceptance of the Queen's Mantle, the Queen's Sceptre, and the Queen's Crown, the designated fae becomes the new queen.   The Queen of the Fae is the only one who is allowed to use and also the only one capable of using Titania's Mirror.
Royalty, Honorific / Ceremonial
Form of Address
My Queen
Length of Term
lifetime, until abdictation or voted out by the Council of Elders
Current Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations
Queen of the Fae: Titania
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Aug 21, 2023 08:04

Nice kind to recycle the queen ^^
But now the true question, since not only the appearance, but also the Wisdom and Knowledge of the former Queen is transfered to the new one and thus altering all memories. How much of the former personality will reappear in the new Queen? - I guess Titania is more like an hivemind of all the Queens before with the actuall beeing just the strongest persona to be seen? Or is it more like the "Avatar"-Cycle, beeing your self while having the opportunity to comune with your former incarnations?

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Aug 21, 2023 08:40 by Tillerz

So Titania is still herself, but with all the knowledge available. But part of the previous personalities may seep through, so slight changes in the fae's behaviour may happen. Apart from that the Queen is somehow 'present' all over Mag Mell, so if the Queen is dying and a new one raises, everyone connected to Mag Mell will 'feel' it. Mag Mell is part of the Titania as much as Titania is part of Mag Mell, if that makes sense.

Aug 21, 2023 15:00

I see, so the most harmfull plot would be to find a way to destroy Titanias essence (instead of just killing her) and by that destroying the summer court as well crippling Mag Mell in its foundation.
Which would make a nice Plothook:
During an offical festival, Titania fell suddenly asleep. Some dark energie seems to hold the Queens spirit hostage within herself, syphoning her spirit slowily away. The players which, were by accident present, have to help the elders of the summer court to find away to defy the evil spirits energy and stop it for good.

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Aug 21, 2023 17:07 by Tillerz

Oi, that's some intrigue right there. I mean, the Spider Queen and her Shadow Court are doing evil things... so... this could totally happen.

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