Alana - a homebrew world with steampunk, dragons and top hats.


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The motivation behind building Alana

The motivation for creating Alana is to craft an engaging, immersive world for both role-players and readers, where every corner reveals surprising or humorous details. It aims to be a setting that continuously invites exploration and discovery, filled with layers of intrigue and delight.

Alana's Unique Selling point

Alana is distinguished by its blend of weird magic and bizarre artifacts within a medieval-victorian fantasy setting. The world features steam-powered underground bullet trains and magic-fueled airships, creating a unique intersection of steampunk and fantasy that stands out for its originality and depth.



Alana is a fantasy world where magic intertwines with steampunk technology. It is a realm where arcane forces and mechanical ingenuity coexist and influence one another, creating a rich tapestry of possibilities.

Reader Experience

Readers and players should feel a constant urge to explore Alana, driven by the potential for unexpected discoveries and light-hearted moments. The world is designed to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, punctuated with occasional humor.

Reader Tone

At first glance, Alana appears bright and inviting, but as one delves deeper, they uncover darker, more complex undercurrents. While the majority of inhabitants might be blissfully ignorant of the lurking threats, astute explorers will sense the shadows that menace the world’s serenity.

Recurring Themes

  • Humor and Quirkiness: Characters often engage in whimsical and humorous antics, providing light-hearted entertainment.
  • Factional Conflict: Various groups and organizations vie for power, resources, and influence, often leading to conflict.
  • Wonders and Mysteries: The world is dotted with magical phenomena, ancient relics, and mysterious locales that beg to be explored.
  • Danger and Threat: Beneath the surface lies a world fraught with peril, from formidable enemies to menacing developments.

Character Agency

At the beginning the characters will have minimal impact on the world itself, but with earning trust, building connections and discovering unique styles of magic and other natural or supernatural powers, they will be able to change almost everything, but find strong opposing forces trying to prevent right that on every level.


  • Organizations: Alana is home to numerous factions, each struggling for survival, dominance, and the realization of their unique ambitions.
  • Characters: Every individual in Alana possesses distinct quirks, habits, and interests. These personal traits often lead to conflicts and alliances, shaping the narrative in unexpected ways.
  • Civilizational Mysteries: The histories and secrets of Alana’s various civilizations offer endless intrigue and opportunities for discovery.
  • Drama

  • Political Intrigue: Power struggles within and between factions create a web of alliances and betrayals.
  • Personal Quests: Characters’ individual goals and backstories often lead to dramatic and emotional moments.
  • Mystical Threats: Dark forces and ancient evils threaten the world, providing a constant source of tension.
  • Technological Dilemmas: The integration of steampunk technology with magic leads to ethical and practical conflicts that must be navigated.

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