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Dream City of Oon

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Oon, the City of Dreams, exists solely within the ethereal realm of dreams, hidden from the waking world. It is a sanctuary carefully crafted and maintained by the collective efforts of skilled dreamwalkers who dedicate themselves to the preservation and nurturing of troubled minds. Housing the sprawling Library of Dreams, a single tower rises in its centre, encircled by a congregation of houses brimming with the dreams of countless souls. Though appearing as mere shells, these dwellings hold the whispers and echoes of slumbering minds, their ethereal contents accessible to the adept dreamwalkers who wander the city. The city emanates an otherworldly aura, with shimmering lights and shifting mists that dance through the air, casting an ethereal glow upon the surroundings.  

The Library of Oon

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The library of Oon is an awe-inspiring edifice, its shelves stretching endlessly and filled with countless tomes that chronicle the art of dreamwalking, the history of Alana, and many secrets of the realms both seen and unseen. However, accessing the library's contents is a formidable challenge. Access to the library is carefully regulated; its doors are open only to those deemed worthy by the collective wisdom of the dreamwalkers. Aspiring dreamwalkers must undergo rigorous training and demonstrate unwavering dedication to their craft before they are granted entry.   The knowledge within is not easily grasped, as it exists in a realm beyond conventional comprehension. Only those gifted with a deep understanding of dreamwalking and the guidance of experienced dreamwalkers can navigate its labyrinthine corridors and uncover its hidden treasures.   The library acts as a sacred space for the dreamwalkers of Oon, a place of study, reflection, and revelation. Within its hallowed halls, dreamwalkers delve into ancient texts and arcane manuscripts, seeking insights into the mysteries of the dream realm and the realms beyond. They painstakingly preserve the knowledge contained within, ensuring that it remains available for future generations of dreamwalkers to draw upon in their quest to heal and guide troubled minds.    

Selected titles from the library

The Arcane Chronicles: Secrets of the Dream Realm - A comprehensive guide that explores the mystical properties of the dream realm, revealing ancient rituals, dream manipulation techniques, and the interplay between dreams and reality.   Visions of the Forgotten: Lost Memories of Alana - This ancient tome contains fragmented memories and forgotten histories of Alana, offering glimpses into its mysterious past.   The Luminous Codex: Illuminating the Dreamwalker's Path - A revered text among dreamwalkers, it delves into the intricacies of dreamwalking, providing insights into advanced techniques, astral projection, and the navigation of dreamscape landscapes.   The Ethereal Atlas: Mapping the Dream Realms - A meticulously crafted atlas that charts the ever-shifting landscapes and interconnected realms of dreams, enabling dreamwalkers to navigate the boundless expanses of the dream realm with precision.   The Enigma Codex: Unlocking Dream Symbols and Archetypes - This enigmatic tome explores the symbolism and archetypes that permeate dreams, offering interpretations and insights into the hidden meanings behind dream imagery and the subconscious mind.   The Tome of Shadows: Forbidden Dream Magic - A forbidden grimoire that delves into the darker aspects of dream magic, detailing potent spells and rituals that manipulate dreams for nefarious purposes and cautioning against their misuse.
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Unseen Guardians: Oon is not as deserted as it may seem. Invisible guardians, known as Dream Sentinels, roam the city, protecting the sacred knowledge held within the library. They are bound to the city's existence and act as ethereal protectors, ensuring that the secrets of Oon remain safe from prying eyes.   The Key of Reflection: Hidden deep within the heart of the library lies a mysterious artefact known as the Key of Reflection. It is said that this ancient key has the power to unlock hidden chambers within Oon, revealing long-lost tomes of unimaginable knowledge. Many dreamwalkers have searched for this elusive key, but its location and true purpose remain a secret.   The Fading Spell: Legends speak of a fading spell hidden within the confines of the library, capable of erasing unwanted memories or even altering the fabric of dreams. While its existence remains speculative, those who have ventured deep into the heart of Oon have caught fleeting whispers of an incantation that holds the power to reshape one's dream world. But caution is advised, for meddling with dreams can have unpredictable consequences.
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